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How Did Keith Levene Die? Keith founding member of the Clash, dies at 65

Keith Levene Die

At the age of 65, Keith Levene passed away. He was a groundbreaking guitarist and a founding member of both the Clash and Public Image Ltd. See how guitarist and co-founder of Clash Keith Levene passed away.

Who is Keith Levene?

The Clash and Public Image Ltd. in England both had Julian Keith Levene as a founding member. In Muswell Hill, London, on July 18, 1957, Levene was born. When he was fifteen, he worked as a roadie for Yes on their Close to the Edge tour. He developed an early love for progressive rock. In 1976 he became a founding member of The Flowers of Romance, The Clash, and both bands.

Levene urged guitarist Mick Jones, bassist Paul Simonon, and the leader of the 101ers at the time, Joe Strummer, to join the Clash when he was only 18 years old. Along with Bernard Rhodes, Levene managed the group. Fortunately for the Clash, after hearing the Sex Pistols perform at the Nashville Rooms in London, Strummer decided that punk was the music of the future.

How did Keith Levene die?

Levene passed away from liver cancer at his Norfolk home, leaving a significant legacy of influence on British rock music. Following a protracted fight with cancer, he passed away on November 11, 2022, at the age of 65.

Keith Levene, a pioneer of British post-punk music, died after a battle with liver cancer. Levene’s friend Hammond claimed that even though his friend had been battling liver cancer for two years, his passing came as a surprise. He had so many plans and things he was doing, Hammond said. Levene had recently finished authoring a book about Public Image Ltd with Hammond and had begun working on the music.

Keith Levene cause of death

After a two-year fight with cancer, Keith Levene passed away on November 11. He passed away at the age of 65 from lung cancer. After learning the devastating news of his passing, Levene’s former bandmates paid tribute to him on social media. Liver cancer was the reason of Keith Levene’s death.

PiL member Martin Atkins acknowledged Levene’s “special ability,” while former PiL bassist Jah Wobble remembered Levene’s family.

The post-punk music movement was praised by musicians as word of his death spread. John Frusciante, a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, has praised him in the past and termed his playing “amazing,” noting that he “explored the possibilities of what you can do with the guitar.” Liver cancer was the reason of Keith Levene’s death.

Keith Levene’s music career:

Levene remained with the Clash for a sufficient amount of time to participate in early performances and contribute to songs, such as What’s My Name on their 1977 first album. Nevertheless, he came to dislike the Clash’s more politicized direction and went on to have more success with PiL.

Levene claimed in 2012, “People thought I was classically trained, which was bollocks.” I tried trying the E minor chord as I was familiar with the E chord. We presented Lydon with the music on a silver platter. He did an extremely outstanding job and was really cool at the time, the man claimed.

When the Sex Pistols broke up in January 1978, singer John Lydon (formerly Johnny Rotten) and Levene formed a new group with bassist John Wardle. (a.k.a. Jah Wobble). “John made a smart choice getting Keith,” Wobble said in 2012.

Before their debut album, Public Image: First Issue, which peaked at number 22, the group’s famous single Public Image, which reached number ten, was released. Their second album, Metal Box, from 1979, is regarded as a classic of the post-punk movement. With the aid of various drummers, the band broke new ground in the Top 20 with the introduction of post-punk, dub, freeform jazz, and classical music.

He recorded one more song with PiL, The Flowers Of Romance, which was released in 1981; nevertheless, in following years, he performed with Wobble. The website the Quietus referred to him as “one of the architects of the post-punk sound” in 2021, describing his guitar playing as “occupying a place between angular abrasion and pop opulence.”

Levene had a penchant for building guitars and has been working with author Adam Hammond on a book on PiL. He passed away “peacefully, contented, warm and loved,” according to his partner Kate Ransford, who was present for his final moments along with his sister Jill Bennett and her husband. The family has wanted privacy.

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