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How did Timothy Kosowics die? Chloe Hasan Murderer was spotted

How did Timothy Kosowics die? Chloe Hasan Murderer was spotted

Carlingford residents are worried about Timothy Kosowics releasing from jail. Chloe Hasan a toddler was overpowered and suffocated 20 years ago. After molesting the young girl’s body he threw away her. The killer was not prisoned because of mental health. He is roaming around freely and is still a danger to Australia.

He is living close to many children’s places such as schools, kindergartens, and daycares. Timothy Kosowicz stays in Carlingford in Sydney. Timothy’s place is close to 5 different schools.

The list of schools is as followed:

Carlingford West Kindergarten. 

The King’s School.

Carlingford West Public.

One School’s Global Sydney Campus in Oatlands.

Cumberland High School.

All of them are minutes away from Timothy.

as per reports, he is within walking distance away from children’s daycare places. Furthermore, Timothy has no one to look after him.

Chloe Hasan was brutally killed by Timothy but the judge was too kind to him over mental health issues. 

Timothy Kosowics has confessed to killing multiple people. he is been diagnosed with schizophrenia. He blames the voices in his head that orders him to do crimes.

Timothy did not leave a comment with us. He mostly stays inside his house.

Residents are worried that Timothy is left without any police surveillance. 

Parents are deeply troubled by the news. one of the parents said when the news of Timothy walking into their neighborhood first thing that came to mind was Chloe’s murder.

Timothy Kosowics die

Chloe’s relatives are deeply distressed over the news and one of them commented “s her uncle, I believe that is a slap in the face to her. They don’t care about the victims”

Timothy Kosowics used a cat to bring Chloe into his cabin and Timothy was 22. Timothy suffocated the children with two bags later he raped the dead body and dumped her.

people in Australia are really worried about this news.

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