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How Did Tony Larson Passed Away? What was Cause Of His Death?

Tony Larson
Tony Larson; image credits - The Republic Monitor

Tony Larson, the father-in-law of Tim Elliott, died at the age of 63. Tim Elliott, an anchor, and reporter for NBC 15 News in Madison, Wisconsin, posted the tragic news of Tony Larson’s passing on his Facebook page. Tony Larson, his father-in-law, has passed away. Tim sent his condolences in a video greeting that included some special images.

Tony Larson

Tony Larson; image credits – The Republic Monitor

What was Tony Larson Cause Of Death?

Renal cancer was the cause of Tony Larson’s death. After a protracted battle with kidney cancer, he passed away at age 63. His love for people and fervor for life was endearing. He was content with his job and grateful to have such a fulfilling career. Because it brought him friends and company, Tony loved playing golf. Tony loved his family dearly.

When Did Tony Larson Die

On the morning of December 13, 2022, 63-year-old Tony Larson died in his valiant fight against kidney cancer. He spent a long period fighting the illness head-on. He simply couldn’t stop watching cringe-inducing Hallmark Christmas movies, which were his guilty pleasure. He never took a break from his golfing responsibilities. In addition, he had a deep love for his wife Diane, his children Ryne and Lindsey, and himself.

Tim Elliott Son In Law

Elliott works as The Morning Show’s co-anchor at NBC 15. In the spring of 2007, he graduated with a degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Tim is making his second trip back to the station. He started working for WMTV in 2010 as a reporter before being allowed to co-anchor The Morning Show in 2012. He departed in 2013 to work as a reporter at WLKY in Louisville, Kentucky, for two years.

For 3 years, he was a reporter as well as an anchor for Milwaukee’s WISN 12 before switching back to NBC15 News. Despite his roots on the east coast, Tim considers Wisconsin his home and is happy to be there. Shortly after graduating, Tim landed his first television production job at CBS station WTVY in Dothan, Alabama. Tim spent 2 years as a producer before joining WTVY as a reporter. Tim and Lindsey Elliott are wed. Their son was born.


1. What is the cause of Tony Larson’s death?

Ans. Renal cancer

2. What is the age of Tony Larson?

Ans. 63 years

3. When did Tony Larson die?

Ans. December 13, 2022

4. Who is the son in law of Tony Larson?

Ans. Tim Elliott

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