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Injury to Blake Corum might prove fatal for Michigan Football.

Blake Corum

In a nightmare scenario for the Wolverines, Michigan football running back Blake Corum, who has been outstanding this season, was forced to leave the game against Illinois due to an injury.

A player getting hurt is never desirable. It’s one of the most demanding aspects of sports, and Michigan football may have lost the critical player against Illinois on Saturday.

On Saturday, Ohio State quarterback Blake Corum, a Heisman Trophy contender, got off to a good start against Illinois. He ran for a touchdown, his 18th of the season while gaining 39 yards on the game’s second play.

Illinois maintained its lead over the Wolverines, and just before the half, Michigan was on the move owing to a couple of impressive runs by Corum. In the red zone, though, calamity struck when Corum grasped his knee and fell to the ground with what appeared to be an injury.

Corum could leave the field by himself and return to the locker room for examinations. It doesn’t seem likely that he’ll come back, but we’ll see. Despite being a tough guy, he was limping and appeared in a lot of pain.

Blake Corum’s is a disaster for Michigan football

The Wolverines’ situation is made worse by the absence of backup Donovan Edwards from the contest due to injury. The starting running back position will be taken over by true freshman C.J. Stokes, who hasn’t played much since a fumble early in the season. Even though he did have 68 yards against Nebraska the previous week, it would still be a huge loss, not just for this week’s game against Illinois.

The College Football Playoff and the race for the 2022 Heisman Trophy, however, could be significantly impacted by Blake Corum’s injury. Clearly, on his way to New York, he appeared.

Hopefully, this is a minor issue, and he won’t have to miss the Ohio State game, but if he does, that would be a considerable setback for college football.

Michigan updates the situation of Blake Corum’s knee injury.

On Saturday, Michigan’s head coach Jim Harbaugh delivered an update on running back Blake Corum’s condition.

In Saturday’s 19-17 victory over Illinois for the Wolverines, Corum suffered a knee injury just before halftime. Corum played just two snaps despite coming out and being there during the second half. The Wolverines had a better running back available, but they struggled to run the ball. Thus, worries regarding his health arose due to his absence.

Before leaving the game, Corum had 108 yards and a touchdown on 18 carries. He added two catches for a total of 39 yards. 11 carries for 36 yards were made by backup C.J. Stokes.

Jim Harbaugh updates on Blake Corum’s injury. After the Illinois game, the condition of Michigan’s RB

Although Michigan running back, Blake Corum abruptly departed the game on Saturday due to what appeared to be a knee injury, both he and his team may have dodged worse-case scenarios.

According to Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, Corum’s knee did not suffer any significant damage, and the club is treating the injury as one that will be dealt with daily.

After the game, when asked for a lengthy update, Harbaugh responded, “Nothing right now.”

“We’ll see where it is and how it feels tomorrow when [he] has clearance to enter again. Decent structurally. Which is wonderful news.”

Corum departed the game late in the second quarter after being hit in the left knee, which caused him to fall to the ground in agony and grip the injured region.

Although Corum could go to the locker room on his own, it was with a pronounced limp as trainers ministered to him as he lay on the ground.

The results of the X-rays obtained at halftime were negative, and Corum attempted to return in the second half. He warmed up with the team but continued to limp as he tried to cut, but he did take a carry on the second snap of the third quarter.

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