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Instagram influence Niece Waidhoffer dies by suicide was troubled by mental health.

Instagram influence Niece Waidhoffer dies by suicide was troubled by mental health.

was troubled by mental health issues for years.

Isn’t it ironic that the deceased influencer wanted people to learn about mental health!
She talked about mental health issues many times on her social media pages. She was also fighting the demon at the same time. She helped her followers to learn about mental health and why they should talk about it. She left the world by suicide.

 Niece Waidhoffer’s family confirmed, “Sadly, Niece took her own life after a long battle with mental health issues.”

The niece was in Houston at the time of her death. She was only 31 years of age.

Niece’s family added, “She was very open with her followers about her struggles, even wanting to help followers who also suffered.” We’re told a non-profit called “Peace from Niece” will be established in her honor, and the org will benefit mental health awareness and provide grants for mental illness research.

“Peace for Niece Waidhoffer” initiative:

a non-profit organization called “Peace from Niece” will be created to honor her memory and work. The place will help other victims of mental health issues and they can take medical advice and counseling from the center.

Niece’s family shared that Neice worked without a team and wrote captions for her Instagram post without the help of a content writer and took her pictures without professional help.

Instagram influence Niece Waidhoffer dies

Law enforcement officials were requested by their family to visit the influencer’s house in Houston. She was found dead at her place when the police arrived.

 Niece Waidhoffer had over 4 million Instagram followers:

She had over 4.2 million Instagram followers. some time ago she deleted all her content except three pictures. her fame could not rescue her.

Her family gave us a look inside who Neice real was “Niece was more than her struggles. She was beautiful and kind, sensitive and funny, creative and talented, generous and compassionate, thoughtful and challenging. While it is so very painful to say goodbye, we take comfort knowing she is reunited with her father, her three grandparents, her Uncle Rusty, and her beloved Puff; and that she is now free to be herself and, finally, at peace.”

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