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Is Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s divorce related to football?

Tom Brady

The initial reports claimed that Brady’s decision to stay in the NFL rather than abandon it and devote himself to his family was what started the big argument that led Gisele to leave Tampa. However, a source recently told Page Six that their issues had nothing to do with it but withheld the genuine cause.

But the model has questioned Brady’s decision to stay in the NFL on numerous times. Gisele expressed her fears about Brady’s profession in a recent interview with Elle, saying, “Of course, I have my concerns—this is a pretty brutal sport, and I have my children, and I would like him to be more present.”

When Tom Brady announced his unretirement in March, it’s difficult to believe this season is what he had in mind.

According to, Brady and the Buccaneers have a 3-4 record through seven games this year, marking the first time in 20 years that Brady has a losing record. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night might make the season even worse.

Brady has never experienced this as a starting quarterback, according to CBS Sports, and if the Buccaneers lose, their victory total will drop two games below 500.

How poor has Tom Brady been so far this year?

Brady’s performance in 2022 can be compared to these numbers:

  1. Brady is ranked No. 16 in the league for passing touchdowns, while Tampa Bay is ranked No. 26 for points scored per game. According to ESPN, through seven games, he has eight passing touchdowns, good for an average of 1.14 touchdowns per contest.
  2. In contrast, according to ESPN, the Buccaneers ended second in the league in points scored per game with 30.1, while Brady topped the league with 43 passing touchdowns, averaging over 2.5 per game.
  3. Only five times in Brady’s history has his team scored three or less points, and that was in Tampa’s 21-3 loss to Carolina on Sunday.
  4. It’s the first time in Brady’s career that he has a two-game losing run against teams with a losing record, according to Kevin Patra of “Around the NFL,” who also noted that Tampa Bay lost 20-18 to Pittsburgh the previous week. Prior to their games against Tampa Bay, both Carolina and Pittsburgh only had one victory while starting their backup quarterbacks.

Tom Brady might call it quits during the game.

For Brady, this season almost never happened. On February 1st, he stopped working and resigned 40 days later. The quarterback has thrown and broken a number of the Surface Pro tablets provided by the league while visibly upset during games.

No one is pleased with where we are, how we have performed, or what we are doing, he stated following the Panthers game, according to ESPN. All of us are involved. We must proceed to rescue ourselves.

After the Dallas game, Tom Brady is uncertain about his NFL future.

Brady, 45, reportedly suffered cuts and bruises after the NFL game. This is according to a Dailymail story. Brady confessed that the bruise caused him to consider his football future in an interview with Jim Gray on his weekly podcast, Let’s Go! “You look at your arm and you have bruises and cuts and you go, OK, how much longer do I want to make this commitment?” I definitely made the commitment for this year, and everything will be like always continuing to examine all these different parts of playing, he continued.I believe for me, I’m just going to take it daily and evaluate it as it comes,’ he continued. You’ll be proven correct one day. For me, it’s a lot of pleasure. It still makes me happy. I can feel it outside—the excitement, the contentment, and the sense of community.

The wife of Tom Brady discusses her husband’s abrupt retirement.

Following the NFL legend’s decision to resume playing, rumours have surfaced regarding possible conflicts between Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen. In a recent Elle interview, Bundchen stated that she requires her husband to be more present at home. “Obviously, I have my concerns,” she stated, “this is a pretty brutal sport, and I have my children, so I would like him to be more present.”Added she, “I’m positive we’ve discussed those topics several times already. But in the end, I believe that everyone needs to choose a course of action that suits them. He too must follow his joy.”

What is Tom Brady’s Net Worth in 2022?

Tom Brady’s net worth is reportedly estimated to be $250 million by Celebrity Net Worth. This includes the $235.2 million in earnings from his 20 seasons with the New England Patriots as well as the $50 million from his most recent two-year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. From 2000 to 2019, his endorsement income is reportedly worth over $100 million.

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