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Jason David Frank Dead, a Power Rangers star, has passed away at the age of 49.

Green Power Ranger Tommy Oliver’s on-screen persona, Jason David Frank, on the children’s television programme Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the 1990s, has passed away. It was a 49-year-old actor.

Who was Jason David Frank?

On September 4, 1973, Jason David Frank, an American actor and mixed martial artist, was born. In the Power Rangers series, Frank is best known for his role as Tommy Oliver.

Jason David Frank Die

Jason David Frank’s untimely passing caused complete ruin and suffering for his family, close relatives, and other loved ones. His sudden demise’s causes had not been revealed to the public.

“We ask that, at this time, you allow the family to take a right and required time, to make preparations and grieve together as a family,” the statement adds.

Jason David Frank cause of death

There is still no word from the trainer or his family regarding the cause of death. According to his medical history, he didn’t have any severe diseases or persistent illnesses.

There is a rumour on social media that Jason David Frank, the Green Ranger, hanged himself.

According to trusted sources, Jason David Frank committed suicide. Unfortunately, this info was confirmed by someone I know and trust. Most people will remember Jason David Frank as the original WHITE/GREEN Ranger from the popular 90s television series “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” He was now divorcing his wife. Please check on anyone you think might be depressed. Better to be safe than sorry. Age 49 was Jason David Frank.

His wife claims Jason committed adultery

Jason David Frank’s wife, Tammie, filed for divorce in August, claiming he had an affair. Jason David Frank was the actor who played the Power Ranger.

In new court documents obtained by TMZ, she claimed Jason had been having an affair and listed this as one of the reasons for their breakup.

According to Jason’s ex-wife, their marriage was dysfunctional due to the tension and disagreements. As a result of Jason’s severe treatment, she further states she cannot live with him.

In May 2003, Jason and Tammie got married. Jason is well known for playing Tommy Oliver in the “Power Rangers” series.

Most of their assets, including a car and their Texas home, were being sought by Jason’s ex-wife, who asked the court to grant her that right.

A week before the announcement, Tammie posted a cryptic message on Instagram about new beginnings and removing the “bad people” who have wounded you from your life.

Power Rangers career

Frank played Tommy Oliver, who was the Green Ranger. In all 14 of the season’s episodes, he played a part. Because of how well-liked the character was, he returned as the White Ranger and the team’s new captain.

White Ranger:

Before being called back to the Power Rangers, Frank was set to play the lead part of Adam Steele in VR Troopers (formerly known as “Cybertron”). He recorded the show’s pilot episode. According to Frank and Brad Hawkins, Tommy Oliver was supposed to be replaced as the White Ranger in the original Power Rangers plot for Hawkins’ character.

Tommy Oliver, who is well-liked among Ranger fans, replaced Frank as the White Ranger after his reinstatement. After three seasons, Power Rangers Zeo returned Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as the team’s moniker. The modification is a part of the yearly Ranger suit swap to correspond with the Super Sentai series’ update.

Red Turbo Ranger:

The Red Zeo Ranger became Frank’s alter ego. The following year, his persona in Power Rangers Turbo became the first Red Turbo Ranger. As they decided to leave the cast in the middle of the season, Frank was replaced along with his on-screen friends Johnny Yong Bosch, Nakia Burris, and Catherine Sutherland.

Frank left the programme in 1997, but he made a comeback in 2002 as the Red Zeo Ranger for the extraordinary Power Rangers Wild Force episode commemorating the program’s tenth anniversary, “Forever Red,” which brought him back together with Austin St.John and featured ten former Red Rangers.

Black Ranger:

After that, in 2004’s Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Jason portrayed the Black Dino Ranger. Frank constantly donned long sleeves while playing the Black Dino Ranger to conceal his arm tattoos. “Forever Red” from “Wild Force” also fit this description.

Playing the Black Dino Ranger for Douglas Sloan was a favour. He has jokingly said that, despite Saban and Disney being “both the same, they’re cheap,” he was impressed with the Dino Thunder production team.

Green Ranger:

Tommy Oliver, the episode’s Green Ranger, made a comeback as Frank in the Power Rangers Super Megaforce season finale.

Frank said he would like to make either a single or multiple Green Ranger series. Frank played an Angel Grove resident in the 2017 film Power Rangers alongside fellow Power Rangers actor Amy Jo Johnson.

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