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Jerry Colapinto was arrested, an Atlantic city teacher caught for the institutional issue?

Jerry Colapinto was arrested

Jerry Colapinto is arrested, a school teacher on some fraud charges. the internet is riled up at this news.

He spent almost all his life as a teacher and he retired last year. the case has been filed against him after he was relieved from the job.

There are accusations that arrest was made due to some internal issue at the institution.

Jerry used to teach maths to students. He retired from mentoring last year from Holy prep school.

there is also the accusation that he was linked to misbehavior with the kids. there have been numerous incidents of teachers behaving indecently with students of younger age.

the school is not new to the controversy. in 2009 a teacher accused that he was fired from the job because he was gay. although it should be investigated that did he touch young boys?

He was married to another man and after his marriage certificate was attained the religious school fired the gay teacher. the teacher cannot be fired because of their religion, race, and $exual relations. but they can be fired for dating their colleagues and students. it is the law.

Delaware teacher had $ex with a student, is Jerry also accused of the same?

a similar case also took place in Delaware where a  teacher was sentenced to jail for 7 years for $exually exploiting a student. The teacher confessed his crime.

The school and police department are being very cautious with the case of Jerry for unknown reasons. The Internet has been speculating a lot of stuff but the police have not confirmed anything yet.

Charges are not revealed by the police yet. we hope these are not serious charges because it makes parents worried about their children’s safety.

Delaware’s case was serious because the teacher had intercourse with a student under 16. Delaware predator was caught because the police department, FBI, and Atlantic country prosecutor’s office took it seriously and started an investigation.

Will Jerry go to jail?

Only after the police reveal the nature of the crime, can speculate will the teacher Jerry go to jail.

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