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Is the Nobel Prize winner Kazuo Ishiguro dead as the Twitter account claims?

Kazuo Ishiguro dead
Kazuo Ishiguro dead

A Twitter handle claims the Nobel Prize winner Kazuo Ishiguro to be dead.

Social media has become the easiest and fastest medium to inform and know about the happenings around the world. Many social media users spread fake news and use this as a chance to generate traffic and attention. The fake death news of celebrities has been very common in this. And freshly Kazuo Ishiguro has been the victim of the bluff.

Kazuo Ishiguro is a novelist and has been awarded Nobel Prize in 2017 for his work in literature. The remains of the day and never let me go are known as his best work in the field of literature which was later converted into a movie. 

Many well-known and verified accounts fall prey to the hoax.

The Twitter handle of an independent publishing house in London ‘FaberBooks’ claimed the death of the novelist and the news started spreading since then. On Tuesday, 22nd March it shared a tweet that claimed him to be dead. FaberBooks wrote, “Penguin Random House and Faber Books announces the sudden death of Kazuo Ishiguro.” As soon as the handle posted about the novelist many verified accounts fell prey to it and they even started sharing the tweet. Indian Express was also seen doing the same.

A radio channel of Ireland unwarily announced the death of the novelist after the tweet started spreading, to which he later apologized and informed the audience of it being a hoax. He told, “Sad news from the literary world. Just in the last few minutes, Faber Books has announced that the Nobel laureate Kazuo Ishiguro has died suddenly at the age of 67 and that an official announcement is to be released later this morning.”

Ryan Tubridy who is an Irish broadcaster, presented in the radio show and informed about the fake news to the listeners. After it was known that the death news was merely rumors, he said, “Kazuo Ishiguro, who wrote one of my all-time favorite books … has been reported to be dead. The truth of the matter is it seems he is not dead… We kind of double-checked it upstairs and sure enough it seems the news has come from a fake Twitter account.” The channel corrected the news and claimed that unintended errors resulted in the spreading of news by them. They apologized and declared that all the references related to the news has been removed from the broadcast.

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