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Know about Jason Watkin’s wife and children

Jason Watkin
Source: Skynews

ITV’s Jason and Clara: In Memory of Maudie features the grieving couple Jason Watkins and Clara Francis, who just lost their 2-year-old daughter to cancer (opens in new tab).

Jason Watkins has become accustomed to stealing the show in several dramatic television programs. The Catch (opens in new tab), Line of Duty (opens in new tab), and McDonald and Dodds (opens in new tab) are just a few of the TV programmes that include the actor; he also appeared in the films Nativity and The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies, for which he won a Best Actor BAFTA in 2015. Nevertheless, in March 2023, Jason will appear as himself alongside wife Clara Francis in a documentary that is sure to stir up strong emotions. The couple is speaking out about the 2011 loss of their daughter Maude from sepsis. Together, Jason and Clara want to get the word out about the disease and how to recognize the signs of it.

Who is Jason Watkin’s wife, Clara Francis?

Clara Francis, a jewelry and fashion designer, is married to actor Jason Watkins. They started dating in 2009, and they finally tied the wedding on January 25, 2014.

In an interview with Love My Dress, Clara shared the story of how she and her husband met (opens in new tab). She said, “Jason and I have a complicated history.” When I met Jason, I worked in the costume department at the Young Vic Theatre(opens in new tab); we dated for two years before going our separate ways (but have been good friends ever since).

After some time apart, Clara and Jason got back together and have been together ever since.

Clara Francis & BAFTA Winner Jason Watkins' Wedding

Source: Skynews

She went on to say, “We then got back together 10 years ago, older but not necessarily wiser, and had been engaged for 5 of those years before we got married on the 25th January this year.”

The bride donned an antique Edwardian gown for the ceremony, and Danny Williams sang “Moon River” as the bridal party processed down the aisle at Wilton’s Music Hall in London.

Does Jason Watkins have children?

In addition to his two boys, Freddie and Pip, from his previous marriage to actress Caroline Harding, Jason Watkins also has a daughter, Bessie, and a son, Gilbert, with wife Clara.

Maude, the daughter of Jason and his second wife, Clara, died on New Year’s Day, 2011, at the age of 2. Sepsis is a life-threatening reaction of the body to an infection.

In a new ITV documentary named Jason and Clara: In Memory of Maudie, the couple discusses the loss of their daughter in a heartbreaking film in which Jason recounts the moment he learned of his daughter’s death.

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