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Lacravivonne Washington Arrested by the police after being accused of brutally shooting her own son

Lacravivonne Washington Arrested
Lacravivonne Washington Arrested

According to authorities, the parents of a 3-year-old kid who was tragically murdered in Dallas on Monday morning were apprehended on felony convictions and now risk further allegations. Lacravivonne Washington claimed her 3 years old son was gunned down in a road rage accident, however, the postmortem proved he was hit by a bullet at a close distance, according to court documents. As per court papers, authorities have uncovered no proof of the reported incident of road rage by the victim’s parents. After being transferred to Medical Centre Dallas Hospital in North Dallas, Jalexus Washington Jr. passed away on Monday. The child was fatally shot in the head, according to investigators.

What happened in this case?

Lacravivonne Washington, the victim’s mother, took the child to the health center around 10 A.M, and investigators claimed she told them he had been struck with a bullet in a road rage accident — but officials say nothing of conclusive proof for an event as described by her has been located. Lacravivonne  Washington was arrested and brought to the Dallas County Prison on prior convictions from Carrollton for speeding and not using a kid protection seat. She was also accused of interfering with forensic evidence and jeopardizing a child in connection with her son’s murder, according to Dallas authorities. As per court papers, Jalexus’ postmortem revealed that the 3-year- old’s bullet wound was caused by close vicinity, eliminating the likelihood of his being struck by a bullet from a speeding car.

What happens now in this case?

Lacravivonne Washington was charged with interfering with physical evidence after she apparently attempted to hide a handgun she had in the investigation. The father, Jalexus Washington Sr., was also caught on previous warrants and an accusation of unauthorized possession of a weapon. Lacravivonne  Washington remains in custody on Thursday, with a cumulative bail of $25,000 issued. As per prison documents, she also has prior convictions for speeding and refusal to employ a childproof seat for a kid under the age of eight. Authorities are still trying to find out what really took place between the period the mom and kid were observed at the doughnut store and the moment they reached the hospital. Officers ask anybody who witnessed Washington’s car during this same time to contact them. According to authorities, she was operating a dark blue 2011 Subaru Legacy with paper tags.

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