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Lea DeLaria secretly marries Dalia Gladstone

Lea DeLaria
Source: Irish mirror

After what appears to be a secret wedding, Lea DeLaria of Orange Is the New Black deserves congratulations.Lea recently let slip that the 64-year-old actress is rumoured to have married her partner, Dalia Gladstone. The news was accidentally revealed by Lea, who is best known for her role as Big Boo in the hit prison comedy drama, when she referred to Dalia as her “wife” in an interview. The actress and jazz singer appeared on the red carpet at Monday night’s Miscat23 gala to show support for her friend, Vanessa Williams, who was receiving an award.

Who is DeLaria?

Lea DeLaria has been successful in many fields, including stand-up comedy, acting, and jazz music. When she appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show in 1993, “famously controversial” DeLaria became “the first openly gay comic to break the late-night talk-show barrier.” She’s been doing stand-up for over 30 years and is a major player in the LGBT comedy scene.

She finds a lot of reflection in her role as Big Boo on Orange is the New Black, a character written specifically for her. “Just like me, that. That’s why it’s so wonderful. They’re only writing to me as a favour. They are composing solely with me in mind.”

Source: Extra TV

Lea DeLaria marries Dalia Gladstone

Lea DeLaria quietly tied the knot with her longtime partner, Dalia Gladstone. The star of “Orange Is the New Black” spilled the beans to Page Six on the red carpet of Monday night’s Miscast23 gala. Our jaws dropped and we sputtered, “Wait, ‘wife’?” when DeLaria called Gladstone her “wife.” How long have you been married for?

The actress and jazz singer then became silent for what seemed like an eternity (we timed it) before muttering, “No comment.” “I’m afraid you won’t be able to say ‘no comment’ by omitting the word ‘wife.'” In response, Page Six joked, “Well, we can if we want to!” DeLaria responded, “Yes, we can if we want to!”

For the man who calls himself “King of the Lesbians,” this is his first marriage. DeLaria, 64, and her then-fiancée Chelsea Fairless almost made it down the aisle in 2017, they broke up days before their planned wedding day.

Exes posted a photo of themselves with Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor superimposed over it and asked followers to “please eliminate us from the terrible and simple celebrity breakup story” in the caption.

We had a wonderful four years together and will always be friends. In fact, we’re excited to come up with new forms of mutual torture. We appreciate all the love and support from our wonderful friends and families.

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