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Lena Soulsby: A strong mother has refused to take painkillers after going through crippling cancer treatment so that she could breastfeed the newborn baby till her last day.

Lena Soulsby: A strong mother has refused to take painkillers after going through crippling cancer treatment so that she could breastfeed the newborn baby till her last day.

There is the mother who was fighting four-terminal cancer, and he refused the pain medicines so that she could breastfeed her newborn baby till her last breath. Brisbane is the name of the mother of Lena’s soul. She was 34 years old, and she spent many days crying and struggling to walk because she was suffering from high pain as she was in stage four cervical cancer.

Know what doctors have said-

Doctors have also offered her a heavy dose of medicines to become a strong mother to do less of her burden, but she rejected the offers given by the doctors. Does she want to breastfeed her newborn baby as she was just a few months old at that time? Ms Souls gave the breasts to feed to her daughter until she could feed, and after that, on the 24th of March, she was forced to go to palliative care. And she died on the 27th of March.

Lena Soulsby

Her husband, Robert, said that it was not much closer than the love of breastfeeding. She is a special and loving mom with a connection. She was leaving with Rob, her husband, and their four children. Anna was a six months old baby, Jacob was eight years old, Elizabeth was 10 years old and Lukas of 12 years. Her husband said that he could not stop crying as he had lost his wife, and he remembers the moments spent with his wife. The whole family was there behind the bed in the hospital in which she died and hugging and kissing her as she left this world.

Know about the Go Fund page –

Her husband had started the Gofundme page in which he had said about the symptoms Ms Soulsby was suffering before she was diagnosed with cancer. In the year 2021, October, he took off from his work to welcome our new baby, and my wife was very happy for the baby as the doctor has said that some bleeding is normal after the pregnancy of 6 to 8 weeks. However, nine weeks later, we had to go to the emergency on Christmas evening as she had excessive bleeding that evening. After that, doctors did the scans before making the diagnosis of Ms Souls on Christmas day with the four cervical cancers.

He also said that we tried hard for the home care until we could do it and after the very high pain, we had decided to take her to the palliative care ward; after the three days, she died and just after the three months after her diagnosis. It isn’t easy to live without her, but we will not stop loving her. Her husband was born in Germany. After that, he moved to Australia for work purposes, and in Western Australia, Ms souls met him.

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