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Marcel Amont, Passed Away At The Age Of 93

Marcel Amont
Source: KhabarNonStop

Music hall artist Marcel Amont, known for “Blue, White, Blonde” and other classics, died on March 8, his family said in a statement to AFP. 93 years old. The vault artist and eccentric performer died at his home in St. Petersburg. Cloud after a 75-year career, according to the same sources.

What is his name?

Marcel Balthazar Miramon was born in Bordeaux on April 1, 1929, the only child of Modest Miramon and Romelia Lamazou. Her parents in Byrne were “domestic immigrants” who had left the Aspen Valley to work as railroad workers and nurses’ aides. A beloved athlete and bully among his peers, Miramon aspires to become a fitness trainer or actor after graduation.

His fame grew:

He shortened his surname to Amont “to make it more modern” and went to Paris in 1951 to try his luck. He explores small spaces, meets Jacques Brel at Patach’s cabaret, and meets Aznavour and Brassens. He formed an unbreakable bond with these three artists. In 1953, he was discovered by Jean Nohain, who hired him for his troupe and featured him regularly on his television show “36 Candles”. However, in 1954, the singer fell seriously ill and was sent to a nursing home for treatment. His place was taken by newcomer Fernand Raynaud. In 1956, becoming the discovery of the year, he released a record with Juliet Greco and Serge Gainsbourg.

Death of Marcel Amont: the music hall singer was 93 years old - Khabar Non Stop

Source: KhabarNonStop

Already in 1956, he was a celebrity. He went to the Alhambra before being hired as Edith Piaf’s curtain at the Olympia. During those five weeks, his fame skyrocketed. After that, he performed daily in three different places in the metropolis. He went to Bobino, a large venue on the left bank. By becoming Diva of the Year, he shared a public record with Giulietta Greco and Serge Gainsbourg and won the Charles-Cros Academy Grand Prix.

From 1957, he starred with Brigitte Bardot as a reporter and cameraman in the film “The Bride Too Beautiful”, directed by Pierre Gaspard-Huyt. In 1961, his first big song was very slow, very soft. In 1962, the blue and white blonde became famous. Charles Aznavour’s Mexican songs were also popular.

Claude Nougaro wrote countless pieces for him, and in 1962 Marcel Amont recorded the repertoire in Bern at 45 rpm to satisfy his parents. “I sing in French, but Béarnais is the language of my heart.” He became interested in flying and while traveling in France, he obtained a pilot’s license to fly from city to city.

A pioneer in France, in 1965 he had side dancers on the Olympia stage for the first time. In 1970, he began using stunt performers and big screens in his shows. In October 1967, under the direction of director Jean-Christophe Averty, he launched the “Amont Tour”, one of the first color television shows. In 1974, he followed this televised journey with the show “Tutankhamun”.

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