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Melanie Fitterer’s death In a car crash & crime scene

Melanie Fitterer's death In a car crash & crime scene

Melanie Fitterer was killed in a car crash. A video has been recovered of the fatal car crash. She was 55 years old when the lethal accident occurred. The video that surfaced online is not clear and will not be good evidence of her death.

She was at Bismarck in the 900 block of South Second Street when she met the accident. Police are investigating her death.

Melanie Fitterer was a pedestrian and she was crossing the road early morning. Wendella McCorkell was coming from the front with her car, she could not control the car when Melanie suddenly appeared on the road and she hit the old lady and Melanie could not survive the accident.

Wendella will have to face murder charges. Melanie has left her family in a sad condition. Police are gathering blood samples and other evidence to look into the matter.

Melanie Fitterer car accident video:

Police have not yet revealed the evidence video in which Melanie was seen getting killed. According to many news sources, she was killed due to a sudden accident. There are chances that she was returning from her work when she died. The bismarck police have launched an investigation into the matter. She was killed at 1:07 when she was crossing the street. She was using the sidewalk to safely cross the road.

There are reports that Wendella McConnell was driving the car when she hit Melanie. Wendella claims she saw no one on the road and she did not hit anyone. After the probe will be completed the police will hand over the report to Burleigh County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Is Melanie Fitterer alive or passed away?

Melanie is no more. she was killed in a car crash and her funeral will soon be arranged. there are no official versions from the police or her family whether she died before the medical team arrived or after she was admitted to the hospital. We are waiting for the Postpartum report for complete details of her death.

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