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Midland Christian School staff members arrested for not reporting sexual assault

Midland Christian School staff members arrested for not reporting sexual assault
Midland Christian School staff members arrested for not reporting sexual assault

The superintendent and 4 other members of the staff are facing charges for ignoring a sexual assault case. Midland Texas is in shock after hearing about the details of a crime that could have been prevented if only the school authorities took action at the correct time. 5 staff members including a superintendent are facing charges for not reporting an incident of Sexual assault that took place on January 20th, 2022. The news reports that they did not report the crime in order to cover it up and are facing the charges of “Failure To Report With Intent To Conceal Neglect Or Abuse.”

What is the case about Midland Christian School?

According to the victim of the assault, the crime took place on 20th, January 2022, at a baseball game practice. The victim informed the detectives that after practice, he found that the lights of the locker room were turned off and he was hit by a baseball bat. The person in question was another student who said that this was freshmen commencement week and he was not allowed to hit back. The victim was then turned out forcibly and was sexually assaulted with the same baseball bat by the other student. He was traumatized after this incident took place. The victim reported the incident to the school administration the next day but rather than reporting the crime to the police enforcement agencies, they decided to undertake an “investigation” into the incident by themselves. 

The investigators also looked into the e-mails of the school authorities and stated away “In the e-mails, it was made very clear that a sexual assault had occurred, and the school had a duty to report it. There were multiple emails exchanged. Several of the administrators refused to report the incident as shown in emails when communicating and responding to the complainant.” 

As of now Superintendent Jared Lee, Secondary Principal Dana Ellis, Secondary Vice Principal Matthew Counts, Athletic Director Gregory McClendon, and Baseball Head Coach Barry Russell are walking free after being released on a $5,000 bond.

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