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Millar Buchanan 11-year-old boy died in a motorcycle accident.

Millar Buchanan 11-year-old boy died in a motorcycle accident

Millar was out there watching a race circuit, a motorcycle lost its control and took the life of Millar Buchanan.

Millar’s family has not yet recovered from the sad accident. The news of the young man’s death is in the media and they have covered how the tragic accident happened.

Are police investigating the accident which killed Millar Buchanan?

Millar was getting trained at the Scottish Crail circuit on July 16, he died in a training accident. 

Buchanan was a promising young biker. he took part in the British Mini Bike Championship, Ohvale 160 Cup, and Mini GP 140/50 Championship.

he wore number 29. to honor his memory current Scottish superbike champion Callum Grigor will wear the same number. The next round of the championship is at Knockhill on August 6-7.

Millar was only 11 years old and since early childhood, he was interested in bikes and racing. he could have been a great biker in the future if he had lived.

he was a young soul and it would be deeply disturbing for people who love him to lose him at such a young age.

how Did Millar Buchanan’s parents react to the death of their loving son?

The death of such a young child can break any family, the Buchanans are in shock and going through a difficult period.

his parents said Millar was an exceptional bike rider and he loved bike riding and he was fit for it. He was passionate about bikes and his death despite being a tragic incident, their son loved what he did and he died a death in which he was participating in his passion.

The family believed Millar was an extraordinary biker with a great vision and love for the sport.

Millar’s family shared their grief on Instagram and shared a picture of their son.

the family wants to recover from this loss in private and asked people to give them some space.

Millar’s childhood and school:

Millar studied at Kinnaird Primary School on McIntyre Avenue. a balloon release and moment of silence will be attained for the late Millar.

many industry leaders have also sent their condolences and have shown sympathy for the family.

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