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Muvhango Actress Mpho Arrested – Know The Reason Behind The Arrest

Mpho Arrested

By: Adnan Ahmad

Many crimes and arrest stories have dominated the news over the last few months, capturing the entire world’s interest. South Africa’s crime rate is exceptionally high, and as a result, many renowned persons find themselves in the news. But don’t worry, we’re not talking about actual arrests on this blog; instead, we’re talking about fictitious arrests.

When it comes to the South African entertainment industry, particularly the acting world, many multi-talented actors and actresses are recognized for doing practically anything the industry requires to make ends meet.

Several actors have failed to make it in the entertainment world in the past, resulting in their disappearance from the big or small screens and lives due to the hardships they face in this world, which has been the downfall of several celebrities we thought would always be on top of their lives and finances because of what they gave this world.

Continue reading to find out more. Muvhango is a Sabc 2 drama soapie that airs every weekday at around 09:00 PM and has been on our television screens for well over two decades, depicting the life of Vendya Royal House, which is run by the Mukhwevho family, and Azwidini, the eldest son of Mashoto Mukhwevho, the Chief of the Mukhwevho tribe.

Azwi Rambuda, who plays Mpho Ravhele, Azwidini’s previous wife and the wife of Tendamudzimu Mudau, Azwidini’s cousin and Vho Masindi’s nephew, is one of the actresses in the soapie. Tshireletso, Tenda’s nephew, abducted the Tenda family, and Tenda blamed Tshireletso for the death of his other nephew, Hulisani, whom he assassinated.

The T-shirt, played by Nay Maps, did not take it lying down and attempted to kill the Tenda family, which led to Mpho killing Tshire after the fight.

Mphoo moved to Instagram to upload a photo of herself being detained by police, along with a comment that indicated she was caught attempting to flee Tenda’s mission after assassinating Tshireletso. She’s slaying the part of Mpho on Muvhango, in which she portrays a mother and traditional healer who is married to a dangerous man who will go to any length to have his way.

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