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Patrick McFarland Died, Obituary Who was Patrick McFarland?

Patrick McFarland Died
Patrick McFarland Died

Patrick McFarland, a resident of Leawood, recently passed away. He has left his wife and son behind him. The cause of death is reported to be a deadly car accident. 

Who is Patrick McFarland?

Patrick was a resident of Leawood, KS. He graduated from Wayne Community High School in 1998 and is said to be an athlete of his time. He had started his career in finance and was a goodbye in clients’ eyes. 

Patrick McFarland Death:

Patrick McFarland shockingly passed away on the night of March 21, 2022. He was doing late night work at the office, and while he was coming back, a lethal accident took place. The two cars had collided in which the other one rushed and ran while Patrick was severely injured with blood oozing out at a rapid pace from.m his body. 

Eventually, he didn’t survive the accident and died. Patrick has left his lovely wife behind him in a shutter shock. Moreover, he has two sons who will miss their father’s presence in their lives. After the break out of this news, many of his colleagues and friends sent messages filled with condolences. His nature and way of addressing and respecting others left a big chunk of his loved ones in shock. However, the biggest surprise for everyone was the brutality with which he had lost his life. 

His colleagues have showered his family with lots of messages and have made efforts to strengthen his family in these turbulent times. Also, Patrick’s wife and other family members have asked for privacy in these times. Also, the accident spot is being investigated to know what had happened, and the second car is also being searched for. 

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