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Paul Murdaugh’s ex-girlfriend claims that his parents were aware of his alcohol abuse.

Paul Murdaugh's ex-girlfriend

Paul Murdaugh’s parents, including suspended attorney Alex Murdaugh, are alleged in court documents in the Mallory Beach wrongful death lawsuit to have known about his alcohol problem and assisted him in obtaining it prior to the tragic boat disaster in 2019.

Morgan Doughty, Paul’s ex-girlfriend, testified in court that she had firsthand knowledge of Paul’s “consumption of alcohol” on numerous occasions before the boat crash, as well as of Paul’s brother and parents’ awareness of and facilitation of Paul’s frequent consumption of alcohol prior to the crash that claimed Mallory’s life.

After Paul and his mother were found shot and killed on one of the family’s estates in the summer of 2021, the accusations against Paul that had been brought against him in connection with Beach’s killing were withdrawn.

Paul’s brother and parents were aware of and saw him in a profoundly drunk state, according to Doughty, who claimed that Paul used alcohol practically everyday.

Paul’s parents, according to Doughty, gave him the money to purchase and consume more alcohol while also being aware of his alcohol consumption and the fact that he would drive while intoxicated, including the boat that was involved in the deadly collision.

Alex Murdaugh and colleagues are indicted by a grand jury on new charges.

They were aware that he would drive after drinking, including on the fatal collision night.

“In addition, his parents let Paul drive their cars while he was drunk or when they knew or should have known Paul routinely abused alcohol,” the report said.

The affidavit provides a total of 21 examples, including recordings showing Paul shooting, playing beer pong, and shotgunning drinks.

Paul was allowed to legally buy booze in the Bahamas, but he overindulged to the point where he puked in a gift shop.

Added video “I photographed Buster’s celebration at Moselle. With his parents’ knowledge, Paul consumed enough alcohol to become excessively intoxicated after Alex brought a keg of beer for many children. Paul was visibly intoxicated, according to Buster.

Another photo that was taken at the Boathouse on Hilton Head Island, where Paul verified his age with his driver’s licence and Buster paid for booze using his passport. Paul’s parents were there, knew, and covered the cost of the drink.

Suing for “disfigurement” brought on by the boat accident is Alex Murdaugh’s son’s ex-girlfriend.

The ex-girlfriend of Paul Murdaugh’s murdered son accuses the family of being responsible for her “disfigurement” in a boat accident, and disgraced lawyer Alex Murdaugh is now the target of yet another lawsuit.

On Monday, attorneys representing Paul Murdaugh’s then-girlfriend Morgan Doughty, who was seeing him at the time of the accident, filed the case. In February 2019, Paul, who was 19 at the time, allegedly operated his parents’ yacht while “grossly inebriated.”

According to the lawsuit, Paul Murdaugh’s parents were negligent for allegedly doing nothing when they knew he “would drink to excess and drive a car.”

The fact that Paul Murdaugh was facing criminal charges, including boating under the influence causing death, when he was killed last year has led to widespread conjecture that the two incidents may be related.

Another survivor of the 2019 boat accident, Miley Altman, has also filed a lawsuit against the Murdaughs, claiming that the parents “knowingly and willingly let their minor son to purchase and drink alcohol unlawfully.”

The relationship between Alex Murdaugh’s family and a deadly boating accident

The Murdaugh family was involved in a catastrophic boat accident that made headlines in South Carolina two years before rich and well-known attorney Alex Murdaugh reportedly staged his own shooting.

Investigators believe that on February 23, 2019, Paul Murdaugh, Alex’s 19-year-old son, took the family boat out on the Beaufort River for a night of partying with friends.

Mallory Beach, 19, lost her life in a boat crash that took place at the end of the night.

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