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Peggy Nadell Murder: Know about her Daughter-in-law, Diana Nadell who stabbed her to death

Peggy Nadell Murder
Peggy Nadell Murder

Diana Nadell, the daughter-in-law of rich activist Peggy Nader killed her mother-in-law years back and is sentenced to jail since then.

Peggy Nadell was found dead in the year 2014, January. The other family members survived though. Diana Nadell is serving a sentence for the crime she committed back then in 2014. She has been charged   of killing her mother-in-law who was found stabbed to death in her house in the year 2014.

Her body was discovered by her daughter who visited her mom on the day of the incident. She discovered the body and immediately dialed 911 to inform the police about the incident. Later they began following Diana when Darcy, the household buddy said that Diana use to contact him every single day to inquire about the case and he even advised the police to catch her soon as she was likely to flee from the nation.

After investigation, the detectives found that Peggy died on the weekend and Diana had flown North and had not attended the marriage. As per the investigation, Diana along with her abettor stabbed Peggy and flew to the scene. Diana claimed that she killed her mother-in-law for her share of cash.

After the investigation, the authorities learned that Diana was aided by Andrea Benson.

Diana asked one of her relatives to help her to kill her mother-in-law. Then after fleeing to Washington before the night of the murder, she met Andrea and offered $10000 to help her in the plan. She then moved to Valley Cottage and managed to kill Peggy.

But the tables turned when all that were involved went against Diana and told the Police about her plan and the way she executed the plan and managed to murder. But even after getting arrested, she didn’t stop planning. Diana asked her brother in Jamaica for a help to kill the two of those who were about to testify against her. Diana passed her message through one if her inmates who was believed to be deported to Jamaica.

Keeping in view Andreas disturbed past, the judge believed that Andrea was looking for easy ways to earn money and sentenced her for 20 years. Diana accepted her crime by March 2015 and was sentenced to 23 years to life for the murder and 5-15 years in prison for tampering with a witness.

Andrea remains imprisoned at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in West Chester Country. Similarly, Diana is serving her sentence in Bedford Hills Correctional  Facility for Women.

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