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Police say the dog that attacked and killed a 4-year-old child was a family pet.

killed a 4-year-old
Source: independetn

A kid named Alice Stones, aged four, has been identified as the victim who was mauled and killed by a dog in the backyard of a house in Milton Keynes. The dog was owned by the family who lived in the house.

Officers were sent to a house in the Broadlands neighbourhood on Tuesday afternoon around five o’clock; unfortunately, Alice was declared dead at the scene shortly after they arrived.

Unfortunately, the dog had to be euthanized, but thankfully, the incident did not result in any further injuries. There has not been a single person taken into custody at this time. Superintendent of Police Matt Bullivant referred to it as a “very sad tragedy” and advised people not to speculate about the circumstances that led up to it. He said that it was important to remember the context of what happened.

Four year old was killed by a dog

A kid of four years old was killed by a dog in the backyard of her house in Milton Keynes, according to reports from UK News and Sky News.
Sky News is the source.

A neighbour named Rita Matthews, who is 36 years old, claimed that she regularly ran into Alice while taking her own kid to school. Rita said that Alice was always smiling and kind.

Dog that killed girl, 4, was family pet but mystery remains over breed | The Independent

Source: independent

The other individual added that when they were walking back to their house, “she was continually grabbing her mummy’s hand.” “It’s extremely bad that we won’t be able to see the girl again, and I hope that her mother will get better as soon as she possibly can,” said the speaker. “I wish that she could see her daughter again.”

Alice was a “very cheerful little kid” and a “happy little girl,” according to her characterization of Alice. m She would say “Bye, auntie,” and I would react by saying “Bye, little child.” This is what Ms. Matthews claims happened.

It was said by the police that the dog was put down in a humane way “to ensure public safety,” and this statement was confirmed by the police. On Wednesday, the house at the end of the terrace was still cordoned off, and a tent was erected up next to the lawn that housed forensic investigators. Officers were also posted at several locations along the roadway.

During the allowed time for questions to be asked of the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak conveyed his condolences to Alice’s family and the community.

This evening there will be a vigil held, as stated by Donna Fuller, who is a ward councillor for the Woughton Community Council.

She remarked, “It will convey a clear message to the family that we are thinking about them,” and I quote: “It will be a powerful statement.” It will convey a strong message that we are thinking of them and appreciate them.

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