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Robert Krakoff Cause of Death, Passed Away, Obituary

Robert Krakoff Cause of Death, Passed Away, Obituary

When we look at the title, one question that arises in our mind is why is Robert Krakoff known as Razorguy? So, this is very heartbroken news that the amiable techie has gone to sleep forever at the age of 81; his company has disclosed the death of Robert Krakoff and also declared that Robert Krakoff will be remembered as the producer of the world’s first gaming mouse.

Who was Robert Krakoff? (Wiki, Age, Wife)

Robert Krakoff was one of the great entrepreneurs. And Robert Krakoff was an important person in bringing the first and foremost allocated gaming mouse, which was later known as the Razer Boomslang, into the market. Unfortunately, when the company prepared the Boomslang, it went bankrupt. Then Robert Krakoff co-founded Razer accompanied by the current CEO of Razer, i.e., Min-Lian-Tan, in 2005.

This is very tearing shedding news that the co-founder of Razer and President Emeritus Robert Krakoff, who is also known as Razorguy, is no more in this world. Robert Krakoff left us on 26th April 2022. 

After hearing this, all of us are heartbroken. Robert Krakoff was very passionate about gaming, and his determined driving continues to stimulate and encourage all of us.

Robert Krakoff, as Razorguy, was known openly among the society as a kind and reachable person. And always show his serious interest in players, enthusiasts, and professionals, and he doesn’t care about their level of fame. 

Robert Krakoff die

How did Robert Krakoff die?

On 26th April, Robert Krakoff, also known as Razorguy, left this whole world at 81. During the 1990s to 2000s, Robert Krakoff was the CEO of Razer company. From the sources of information, his company reported that Robert Krakoff has a net worth of around approximately $10 billion. And this makes him a lot of hard work and passion for the gaming industry; it takes a really long time, and he began to explore after the decade of 2010.

On the contrary, the online gaming society holds Robert Krakoff regarding his contributions to the gaming industry. But still, Robert Krakoff is not revealed properly. Everyone is guessing that Robert Krakoff’s death was natural as he was aging, so eventually, his aging led to his death.

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