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Russell Gage: An American Football Player Is Suffering From Neck Injury

Russell Gage
Image credit- MSN

Fans are searching for Russell Gage Injury after Tampa Bay receiver Russell Gage had to be carried off the field at the conclusion of Monday’s game.

Who Is Russell Gage?

Famous NFL wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Russell Gage Jr. plays American football. Buccaneers wide receiver Russell Gage was rendered immobilised and carted off the field with 2:55 remaining in Monday’s wild-card game against the Dallas Cowboys due to what seemed to be an upper-body injury.

On a second-down failed pass, Gage was smacked in the neck and jaw region. He remained there, although his leg was clearly in motion. Players from the Buccaneers and Cowboys gathered close by as Gage received treatment.

What Happened To Russell Gage?

Russell Gage

Image credit- sportskeeda

At the conclusion of Monday’s game between the Buccaneers and the Cowboys, Tampa Bay receiver Russell Gage needed to be carried off the field. Gage was hurt following an incomplete pass on a second-and-10 situation with 2:55 left in the fourth quarter. Trainers and medical staff attended to him on the field for a while.

Russel Gage’s Injury

According to multiple reporters and the ESPN broadcast, Gage made numerous attempts to stand up but was unsuccessful each time. Gage was fastened to a backboard and escorted off the field. Gage has two receptions for 10 yards on eight targets prior to getting hurt.

The Buccaneers scored a late touchdown to raise the score to 31-14 a few plays after Gage’s injury. After quarterback Tom Brady connected with receiver Mike Evans in the back of the end zone for an 8-yard touchdown and a successful 2-point attempt, Cameron Brate.

Age Of Russell Gage

According to ESPN, Russell was born on January 22, 1996, and he is currently 26 years old. Russell Gage Jr. is a wide receiver with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League (NFL).


1. Who is Russell Gage?

A. He is a Tampa Bay receiver

2. What is his profession?

A. Football player

3. What is Russell Gage Nationality?

A. American

4. How old is Russell Gage?

A. 26 years old

5. What happened to Russell Gage?

A. He is suffering from major injuries

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