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Russia to equip Belarus with Guided-missile Systems

Russia to equip Belarus with Guided-missile Systems

Russian President Putin has made it clear that Iskander-M mobile guided missile systems will soon be in Belarus Arsenal.

Russian ruler had a meeting with Belarusian ruler, Alexander Lukashenko, Saturday i n st. Petersburg.

Lukashenko informed Putin that Lithuania and Poland are hostile toward his country. Both the countries are aggressive and looking for trouble.

Lukashenko is worried because NATO armies are moving nuclear arsenal close to Belarus’s borders. Iskandar M system is capable of traditional and holocaust-capable nuclear missiles.

Ukraine has alleged Russia is using the land of Belarus to hit the village of Desna in the northern Chernihiv region.

Ukraine’s air force says Russian long-range Tu-22 bombers were attacked from Belarus for the first time. Russia is already hitting the people on the ground in many ways.

Belarus has given Russia a free hand to attack Ukraine:

Belarus has given land to Russia to attack Ukraine. Russia prepared in Belarus and sent it’s army to control Ukraine. Although the Belarus army has not attacked Ukraine directly.

Moscow is planning to make Belarus an active participant in this war, Ukrainian Intelligence claimed.

Lviv regional governor Maksym Kozytskyy said Russain has destroyed a military target in Yavoriv.

Lavrov has a huge amount of foreign nationals who joined the Ukrainian military. There are many military bases in Yavoriv which are probably destroyed.

Ukraine Nuclear building destroyed:

Russia to equip Belarus

Ukraine has claimed Nuclear regulatory inspectorate is reporting that the Russian bombing has destroyed a nuclear research building in Kharkiv.

“The probability of new damage … which can directly affect the state of nuclear and radiation safety, remains high due to shelling by Russian troops,” it cautioned.

Ukrainian war hero Zelnesky is currently in Hiding and will talk to G7 leaders for help and future guidance, and military support. Joe Biden will land a year to Zelensky, it is clear that the US is supporting Ukrainian covertly.

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