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Simon Diffey, a British racing driver has passed away

Simon Diffey, a British racing driver has passed away

It is going to break the dreadful news to everyone that Simon Diffey has passed away. People have been quite interested in this news of Simon. He has abruptly crashed out of the world. Hearing this awful news has shocked many people. He was a racing driver from the United Kingdom. Simon is no longer alive, having died in a car accident. This information is causing a stir on the internet. People have a lot of questions about the accident. They want to know exactly what happened to him and are looking for information regarding the incident.

Simon Diffey: Who Was He?

From 2015 to 2021, Simon Diffey was a member of the Classic Car Club and hosted the Arundel Cup, Glover Cup, and Hawthorn Cup. According to, he has competed in 22 professional races, finishing 7th in the Brookland Cup in 2021. His death was announced online last weekend after he collided with an ambulance on the road.

The news of his death was confirmed by Twitter PR manager James Gilbert, writing, according to the story “The news of his death is terribly sad and heartbreaking,” he said, adding that he was the happiest and funniest man he had ever encountered and that he had a golden heart. The comment section is flooded with thoughts and prayers for one of the world’s most respected and well-known vintage racers.

Simon Diffey, a British racing driver has passed away

“Thank James, thanks to Simon, who is a buddy and kindhearted person to so many fast racers,” Christopher Tate added. On the 15th of May 2022, a message appeared in the comment section, asking if Simon Diffey died in a Bugatti accident. He did not pass away on the tracks. He died while driving down the road.

What Caused Simon Diffey’s Death?

More information about his death, including how the tragedy occurred and what happened, has been withheld by the media. His co-workers and friends have turned on him. On social media, his followers and well-wishers are mourning and offering final condolences. We also pray that God grant him serenity.

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