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Simon Dunn, Rugby player And Bobsledder Died At Age 35

Simon Dunn
Simon Dunn; image credits - Out Magazine

Simon Dunn, an Australian gay former rugby player, passed away at age 35. Simon Dunn served as the LGBTI community’s outspoken and inspiring spokesperson and role model. The death of the rugby player’s reason is still a mystery.

Simon Dunn

Simon Dunn; image credits – The Sun

Simon Dunn’s Cause Of Death

People are speculating as to whether the young fighter killed himself. His cause of death would be established following an autopsy and investigation because it is widely believed that suicide was the cause of his passing. Former Australian rugby player Simon Dunn, who was also a gay bobsledder, passed away at the age of 35. Early on Saturday morning, Dunn’s body was found in his Sydney apartment. Dunn’s representative, Ruby Rose Management, reported his passing.

Simon Dunn died at the age of 35, according to Ruby Rose Management. The world’s media, admirers, and social media platforms all admired our Simon Dunn, who has now died away and left behind a wonderful legacy. Not only will Simon be missed for his good sportsmanship, but also his crucial viewpoints on our society and athletics. He was a sincere, charming man who had time for everyone.

When Did Simon Dunn Die?

The New South Wales apartment on Crown Street received a call from the police. Police were called to the residence on Saturday morning, according to a statement, according to the Star Observer. An NSW Officers spokesman stated that on January 21, 2023, at 10 a.m., officers were summoned to a flat on Crown Street in Surry Hills in response to reports that a man’s body had been found there. “It’s thought that the container contains the corpse of the 35-year-old resident. According to a spokesman, Surry Hills Police Area Command officers are looking into the circumstances of his death, which are not being viewed as suspicious. The police, according to her, would write a report for the coroner.

Simon Dunn’s Career

Rugby league was Simon Dunn’s primary sport growing up in Wollongong, south of Sydney. When he first came out, he initially stopped playing because he struggled with his sexuality and his life in sports. However, after returning from Canada to Sydney and joining the Sydney Convicts Rugby club, he started playing again. As the main character in Greg Gould and Inaya Day’s music video for the song “Love Like This” in 2020, Simon made his acting debut. A component of Global Pride 2020 was the video.

Dunn declared his ambition to compete in bobsleigh again and to represent Australia at the Beijing Winter Olympics in July 2021. He joined the Australian team’s training program in September 2021, competing in both two-man as well as four-man events in Whistler. However, he ruptured a bicep during his second four-man event of the season there, necessitating a trip back to Australia for medical attention.

Because he thought he had let down the LGBTIQ community and people who had backed him for years by not joining the Olympic team, Simon was initially reluctant to speak with DNA. He did, however, want to discuss the sadness and mental health issues that many LGBTIQ persons face. Before relocating to London, Simon represented Australia in international bobsled competitions and underwent training in Canada. He made friends with famous people, lived there with his partner, and ran a prosperous business.

Simon Dunn’s Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Simon Dunn is $5 million.


1. What is the net worth of Simon Dunn?

Ans. $5 million

2. What is the age of Simon Dunn?

Ans. 35 years old

3. When did Simon Dunn die?

Ans. January 21, 2023

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