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Spain’s Organised Crime Trial For Hells Angels Leader Frank Hanebuth Has Begun

Frank Hanebuth
Image credit- Yahoo News

On January 23, 2023, German national and Hells Angels gang leader Frank Hanebuth arrived at the National Court in San Fernando de Henares, a town outside of Madrid.

What Happened To Frank Hanebuth?

A Hells Angels boss from Europe is being tried in Madrid for leading a chapter of the violent biker gang on the tourist island of Mallorca. Frank Hanebuth, a German national, is accused of running a criminal organisation, money laundering, and illegally possessing firearms. The prosecution is asking for a 13-year sentence.

The most senior of the 46 conspirators, who are from Luxembourg, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, might spend up to 24 years in prison.

A former Hells Angels leader in Europe who is accused of running a chapter of the motorcycle club associated with organised crime on the Spanish island of Mallorca was sought by prosecutors on Monday with a 13-year jail term.

Frank Hanebuth, a citizen of Germany, appeared in court with 49 other suspected conspirators from various nations, at least 34 of whom accepted a plea agreement that allowed them to pay penalties instead of doing prison. Hanebuth wasn’t looking for a deal.

He Accused Of Many Criminal offenses

Some of the accused needed an interpreter to follow the proceedings since they were of German, Greek, or British ancestry. Three defendants participated by video call from Germany.

Frank Hanebuth

Image credit- Yahoo News

Hanebuth has been accused by Spanish prosecutors of participating in a criminal organisation, money laundering, and illegally possessing firearms. Additionally, they are requesting that the trial’s presiding judge punish him $4.5 million (€4.2 million) for the money laundering accusation.

Other defendants, who face up to 38 years in jail, have also been charged with running prostitution rings and narcotics trafficking in addition to membership in a criminal organisation.

Frank Hanebuth Is No Longer Leader Of Hells Angels Gang

According to the indictment, the gang’s Mallorca chapter was highly international, with new members coming from as far afield as the Dominican Republic and Morocco.

Paul Witworth, a British associate of Hanebuth’s who prosecutors claim maintained connections with the Adams Family, a notorious U.K. gang also known as The Clerkenwell Crime Syndicate, was one of the defendants who accepted a plea deal.

Prosecutors claimed that Hanebuth also maintained contact with his Hannover, Germany, base. The trial is anticipated to go on for a few weeks. The Hells Angels no longer have Hanebuth as their leader.


1. Who is Frank Hanebuth?

A. He is the leader of Hells Angels Gang.

2. What is his Nationality?

A. Spain

3. How old is Frank Hanebuth?

A. 58 years old

4. What happened to Frank Hanebuth?

A. He is charged with money laundering, criminal offense and illegal possesion of weapons

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