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The Blacklist Season 8 – Completely Explained

The Blacklist Season 8 – Completely Explained
The Blacklist Season 8 – Completely Explained

The Blacklist Season 1, released back in 2013, has kept the viewer’s love. It has kept on going long and has spanned over eight seasons now.

The Blacklist Season 8:

The Blacklist is directed by Jon Bokenkamp and stars James Spader, Megan Boone, Diago Klattenhoff, and others. The storyline revolves around a fugitive who surrenders to the FBI, namely Raymond Reddington, Red. The story then focuses of he goes on eliminating criminals along with his other associates. 

The end of season 8 has left viewers in complete shock. First, it shows that Liz played by Megan Boone, gets shot. Then, the 8th season had some mysteries about Liz and Red. In the end, Red will reveal to Liz her past, but she dies after being shot by Neville’s henchman. 

Before the death, Red had promised her that he would tell her about himself, and he even had made her the heir of his Empire. But, the fans witness Liz dead. The death was then confirmed by Boone, who took to her Instagram to bid goodbye to her character. 

Season 9 will now focus on how Red starts to take revenge for the death of Liz. She was very close and loved to him, and her killing left him in shatters. So he will now be seen in a straight revenge mode. Moreover, fans have been deeply frustrated that the eight seasons do not reveal anything about why Red became a part of Liz’s life. Hoping for a reveal in the next one; everyone is waiting for the future seasons to come up.

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