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The explanation of Goth Mikasa and Nerd Armin in Attack on Titan

The explanation of Goth Mikasa and Nerd Armin in Attack on Titan

The parallel universe is a theory related to knowing about something a little scary or something identical. This is an estimation taken by the movie Spider-Man that is recently upcoming, and a strange doctor let out the estimation. As we are all aware, Attack on Titan is not a subpart of the MCU. 

It has no relation with Marvel at all, but the title of this article recommends that there might be any harm on the Titan parallel universe somewhere out there. By describing the Goth Mikasa and Nerd Armin who were going to watch an attack on Titan multiverse. 

Both the Goth Mikasa and Nerd Armin are two unconventional categories of Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert who watch the attack on the School gentry. This is generally a basic episode of fraud previews for the Attack on Titan manga, written and embellished by Hajime Isayama. And these two role players are not part of the canon storyline and suggest that there is an enormous Attack on Titan’s parallel universe. 

Is there any real presence of Goth Mikasa?

This entire article will discuss everything related to Goth Mikasa and Nerd Armin. It all depends on your perspective on how you viewed the Goth Mikasa, whether real or fake. This role play is a substitute version of Mikasa Ackerman, who has been viewed in the Attack on School Castes episodes. 

Mikasa is adorned like a Goth girl in the series and is normally well likely to be known as Goth Mikasa or Gothkasa. She is a complete well-wisher of it and one of the best adorable role players from the episodes. So, does she truly exist? Well, she truly exists and also owns the story of her. But also guessing that the episodes will never be part of the Attack on Titan canon. 

So it means that she is not a fraud. 

The explanation of Goth Mikasa and Nerd Armin in

The meeting was held between Eren and Jean Kirstein in the school, who always persecutes Armin Arlert. Eren challenged Jean, and he also overcame the estimation of Armin and Mikasa Ackerman. Eren, Armin, and Mikasa reached out to Mr. Smith and Dr. Zoe to inquire about Levi but also turned out scared after analyzing Levi’s cleaning products. Later, Eren is stressed by Levi and forced to assist the cleanliness of the janitor.

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