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The Number Of Americans Quitting Jobs Hits An All-time High

Jobs in the US
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The job market aspirants have been resigning at a record pace since then all way into the new year. The number of people putting in papers has jumped to 4.5 million, with a 3% increase from September last year when the labor department saw a sharp rise in people quitting. The quitting began late last year, with the Omicron cases soaring.

Quitting jobs in the US

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

What The Numbers Say

According to USA Today,  employers now are posting job openings as they are suddenly short-staffed for positions that were previously hard to get. According to Labor Turnover Survey, numbers have been at an all-time high, with vacancies increasing by the day. There is a record of 11 million openings that need to be filled in. 

The most number of vacancies were seen in restaurants and hotels with 261,000 openings. However, hiring is taking place, yet it’s not matching the numbers of people quitting as per the director of a leading job site quoted to the media about the demand and supply of jobs.

Since several people were out of jobs during the pandemic, the statistics show that there were 6.9 million unemployed Americans in November of last year alone. It shows that there is availability for each unemployed person.

How Candidates Are Going To Benefit?

There is a big driver of hiring going on as well, and the hiring market hasn’t slowed down either, with employers hiring 6.7 million aspirants, a record high from last July. Though there is a struggle to find workers, there is some respite with hassles going down with people returning to work after the pandemic.

Many factors have contributed to many job aspirants quitting their current jobs and looking for better opportunities. Since the demand for workers has increased, the candidates have better bargaining power over their employers and can seek better packages and other benefits when choosing new jobs.

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