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The wait is over, “Kill The Hero Chapter 102” is soon published on’s official website.

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Check out the “Kill The Hero Chapter 102” on the official website of manhwas. Not long ago, chapter 101 was released in the manga, but fans are already rooting for chapter 102 to release soon. Read ahead to know what happens previously in “Kill The Hero Chapter 101”.

Kill The Hero is a manga that gives you a deeper dive into the world of fantasy, adventure, and action. The first chapter was published on 13 February 2018. Kim Woo-Jins is the main lead of this manga. The story goes on as Kim Woo-Jins plays a revenge game on his old guildmates. He gets betrayed by his best friend, who he later kills. 

The only way to get revenge on them is by returning to the past life, so he does that. After getting killed by his beloved friend, he returns to take revenge to form him. This time he is more interested in plotting revenge against his former guild than saving the world. Monsters. This chapter will be even more interesting as he has now become stronger.

The wait is over, "Kill The Hero Chapter 102"

It will be available in various languages such as Korean, Japanese, English, and Chinese to reach a greater audience. The serious season’s English translation is available on the thief’s official website.

The realized dates of “Kill The Hero Chapter 102” in various regions are mentioned below. 

Pacific Daylight time: 9 am on 27 May

Central Daylight time: 11 am on 27 May

Eastern Daylight time: 12:00 noon on 27 May

British Summer Time: 5 noon on 27 May

When will “Kill The Hero Chapter 102” come out?

The fresh chapter of “Kill The Hero” will be released on 20 May 2022 on’s official website called and its English translation.

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