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Vivienne Westwood Death, The English Fashion Designer Dies At 81

Vivienne Westwood
Vivienne Westwood, Credits: HITC

Vivienne Westwood, an English fashion designer and entrepreneur, was born in Tintwistle, Derbyshire, on April 8, 1941. In Clapham, London, the United Kingdom, on December 29, 2022, she passed away at the age of 81. Westwood has been hailed as a legend, a highly inventive individual, and a major encouragement to the fashion industry.

Gordon Swire and Dora Swire gave birth to Westwood. She and her sibling, whose name is currently unknown to us, have the same parents. When her family moved to Harrow, Greater London, in 1958, Westwood enrolled in a jewellery and silversmithing programme at the University of Westminster, formerly the Harrow Art School.

Vivienne Westwood Age

Westwood, who was born in 1941, passed away at 81 years old.

Career of Vivienne Westwood

Westwood’s creations were unique and reflected her own personal attitude. Westwood collaborated with Gary Ness a few times, giving him concepts and titles for her collections. The first clothing line McLaren and Westwood showed to the media and potential international clients was called Pirate. Later on, their partnership led to the creation of collections in Paris and London (later) with the themes Savages (shown in late 1981), Buffalo/Nostalgia Of Mud (shown in spring 1982), Punkature (shown in late 1982), Witches (shown in early 1983), and Worlds End (1984).

Patricia Rawlings, Chair of King’s College London, approached Westwood in 2007 to commission the creation of a honorary gown for the university after the college’s appeal to the Privy Council for authorization to offer degrees was granted. Westwood debuted its academic attire for King’s College in 2008. In July 2011, Westwood’s designs were on show at The Brandery in Barcelona. Westwood and Richard Branson worked closely together to design the crew’s uniforms for Virgin Atlantic.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood, Credits: HITC

The female crew’s costume was a scarlet suit which placed strategically darts around the breast to highlight the wearers’ hips and curves. The men donned a three-piece suit with embellishments on the lapels as well as pockets in burgundy and grey.

Vivienne Westwood Ltd., Westwood’s company, admitted that it significantly undervalued the value of her brand and agreed to pay HM Revenue and Customs roughly £350,000 in taxes as a result (HMRC). Her UK firm had paid Latimo, which had its headquarters in Luxembourg, £840,000 in 2002 in exchange for the right to use her trademarks. After evaluating the contract, HMRC argued that the brand had been undervalued; nevertheless, after some debate, the two parties decided that her copyrights were valued and over double that amount.

Vivienne Westwood Husband and Children

In her life, Westwood has indeed been married twice. Her first husband was Derek Westwood, and her second husband was Malcolm McLaren. Westwood has two children; Joseph Corré and Benjamin Westwood.

Vivienne Westwood Net worth

Westwood is thought to be worth $50 million or thereabouts.

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