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What to expect to be shown in Tokyo revengers chapter 251

What to expect to be shown in Tokyo revengers chapter 251
What to expect to be shown in Tokyo revengers chapter 251

Tokyo revengers chapter 251 will be a hit just like its other chapters. However, fans cannot keep calm since its release date has been announced. Like its other chapters, chapter 251 will be released and aired on Azuki. Its release date is 24th April 2022.


Gest of what happens in Tokyo revengers so far-

In chapter 250, Atsushi Sendo and Takemichi are shown as powerful heroes. Like in the previous chapter, the fight between Takemichi and Kakucho is still not over. In the previous season, Akkun used to be weak, but not anymore. Nakamichi is just as powerful as he used to be before. Akkun is so strong that he does not even need weapons to fight with Shion Madarame; his knuckles are enough. 

When news spread that Akkun defeated Shion, the entire Tokyo Manji-Kai’s morale got boosted. But, in the next fight, Inupiat got defeated by Wakasa. Next was the fight between Sanzu and Senju, where Sanju tried to apologize to Sanzu, but the chapter ended with suspense. So what will happen next will be shown in the next chapter.

What is expected to be seen in chapter 252 of Tokyo Revengers?

Fans are shocked that even when Senju tried to apologize, Sanzu still took him down. Fans are wondering what made their bond so bitter. It is expected that they will show some flashbacks from the dark past between them, most probably from their childhood. Let’s wait to see what this chapter has for us.

Tokyo revengers got its popularity from its aesthetic animation, interesting characters, the plots, and the action scenes. It also has all kinds of genres for all kinds of viewers. Some of the reasons why it got famous are that it portrays real issues faced by society, it has fantasy and fiction, Interesting time travel scenes, and the amazingly written character of Hanagaki.

It not just contains funny, action, thriller, drama scenes but also scenes that give out a meaningful message to the readers. Most teenagers can relate to the character of Hanagaki Takemichi.

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