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When Meda Mladkova dies? Meda Mladkova Cause of Death, Dies, Obituary

Meda Mladkova

After looking upon this title, the question arises in our mind : who was Meda Mladkova, and when did she die? So today, we will discuss the story of Meda Mladkova and her past life. By the way, Meda Mladkova died at 102 years old. And how she dies, we will discuss it.

Who was Meda Mladkova? (Wiki, Age, Biography)

Meda Mladkova was born on 8th September of 1919, in Zakupy, Czechoslovakia. In 1948 Meda Mladkova was also named Marie Sokolova, who studied political science in Geneva. When socialists took over her to Czechoslovakia, but after her graduation, she moved to Paris and refused to return.

Meda Mladkova was a Czech art collector, patron, and historian. She was passionate about Frantisek Kupka’s promoter and a well-wisher of artists in communist Czechoslovakia. When she was in exile behind the iron curtain, Meda Mladkova died, and at that time, she was 102 years old.

Meda Mladkova created the Kampa Museum and many modern art galleries, which were loved at the bottom of the heart by Prague, who informed the death of Meda Mladkova on the 3rd May of 2022. The museum informed that even though Meda Mladkova lived the best part of her long working abroad, she was always an enormous nationalist and loved the Czech nation.

Meda Mladkova Dies

And the chairman of the museum board, whose name is Jiri Pospisil declared about the Meda Mladkova is that she believed in the idea, i.e. if culture survives, the nation will survive throughout her life. And Meda Mladkova met her husband, who was banished by Czech banker Jan Mladek who is located in the French capital and also studies art on the streets of Sorbonne. There Meda Mladkova fell in love with the work of Kupka, a Czech begotten, the primary of abstract art which belongs to the unknown painter. And they both became very good friends.

Death of Meda Mladkova:

When Meda Mladkova’s husband was Jan Viktor, who left this world in 1989, Meda Mladkova returned to the country the next year. Due to her aging, she led to natural death. And all the popular leaders and famous personalities shed their tears in the memory of Meda Mladkova as she left her mark at the end of an era. All Czechs will never forget her for the rest of their lives.

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