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Who Is Andrei Kisliak? How Did Andrei Kisliak Die?

Andrei Kisliak
Andrei Kisliak; image credits - MEAWW

As reported by a local news source, an Illinois man fatally killed his wife, their 2 young girls, his mother, and a household cat before committing suicide.

All About The Incident

The horrifying discovery was revealed inside the family’s Buffalo Grove home by officers responding to a welfare call on Wednesday morning, according to the Lake and McHenry County Scanner. The bodies of Lilia Kisliak, 67, Andrei Kisliak, 39, Vera Kisliak, 36, Amilia Kisliak, 4, Vivian Kisliak, 6, and an unidentified pet were discovered inside the home. A county coroner determined that Andrei & Vera were the parents of Vivian as well as Amilia, and neighbors identified Lilia as the girl’s grandmother.

Andrei Kisliak; image credits – Newyork Post

According to Buffalo Grove Police Chief Brian Budds, the officers who found the carnage described the horrible scene as “devastating and frightening.” There were no living people. Although the killings may have been a murder-suicide, sources told a local newspaper that Andrei’s wounds seemed to be self-inflicted. Additionally, court records reveal that Vera had an urgent restraining order against Andrei. Police described the event as “domestic-related” and claimed there was no danger to the general public.

The Couple’s Divorce

Court records provide a picture of the events that came before the violence. The Chicago Tribune said that the couple was going through a divorce and was in danger of losing their home. Vera received the protection order on September 14, after the couple had filed for separation in July. On September 30, Andrei was detained for disobeying the court order, but after posting a bond, he was freed. According to court papers, the family’s property on Acacia Terrace was put into foreclosure last month after Home Point Financial Corp. claimed it hadn’t received a mortgage payment since July 2020.

The fatalities, according to a local who left candles as well as balloons outside of the house, could have been avoided. The woman, who wished to remain unnamed, claimed that she had reported Andrei to the police in August after observing him rage at his 2 young kids in a nearby café before abandoning them. She informed the newspaper that when officers spoke to the father, he finally left with the daughters. The superintendent acknowledged in a statement that the older daughter, Vivian, attended Ivy Hall Elementary.


1. Who is the wife of Andrei Kisliak?

Ans. Vera Kisliak

2. How many kids Andrei Kisliak has?

Ans. 2

3. Who are the kids of Andrei Kisliak?

Ans. Vivian Kisliak and Amilia Kisliak

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