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Who is Edith Frayne and why was she arrested? Woman Getting Off the Subway in Toronto

Who is Edith Frayne and why was she arrested
Who is Edith Frayne and why was she arrested

State police have caught the lady who pushed another woman to the brink of death. Edith Frayne, the arrested woman, is accused of forcing a woman onto the rail lines of Bloor Yonge Station. A video surfaced on the internet a few days ago in which the jailed woman can be seen pushing another woman, nearly killing her, yet the victim was spared any consequences. A new development, in this case, has been announced by the police department.

What made Edith Frayne commit the crime?

The most frequently asked topic concerning this incident is what was the point of contention that caused Edith Frayne to push the victim nearly to death. However, there is no clear report on this, and it is also unknown whether the two women knew each other before the incident.

What happened to the other women?

Edith Frayne is 45 years old, according to the report, while the victim is 39 years old. This incident occurred at the subway station of Bloor and Yonge for no apparent reason. Furthermore, after pushing her, Edith Frayne fled the area, but she was filmed on security cameras, which assisted the authorities in identifying her. After recognizing her, the police released her image in order to enlist the public’s help in apprehending her. Meanwhile, she was detained at 6:18 p.m. on Monday, April 18th, 2022.

What are the charges faced by Edith Frayne?

Edith Frayne is due to appear in court on Tuesday, April 19th, 2022. The motive for the pushing incident has yet to be revealed by the police department. The charges and offense will be decided by the Toronto Court on Tuesday when she makes her initial appearance. It’s also probable that Edith Frayne will be charged with attempted murder on Tuesday. Despite this, the victim was brought to a neighboring hospital for emergency treatment, but she escaped with no life-threatening injuries.

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