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Who Is Jason Nash’s Girlfriend? Did They Break Up? Check Everything About Them

Jason Nash's Girlfriend

Internet sleuths are attempting to sort through a maze of rumors and accusations after a clip of YouTube Vlog Crew member Jason Nash, 47, featuring OnlyFans model Rachel Velasco, 23, was shared by influential gossip account TheHollywoodFix.

Trisha Paytas, a contentious YouTuber who had a contentious past with Nash and his YouTuber cooperative, the Vlog Squad, added to the turmoil. David Dobrik, who has more than 18 million YouTube subscribers, is the leader of the enormously well-liked Vlog Squad. He and the other members of the Vlog Squad, however, are now involved in controversy after an Insider investigation exposed rape charges against a former team member.

The Controversy

The Hollywood Fix, a YouTube channel that publishes paparazzi pictures and clips of influencers, published the video of the couple conversing in Nash’s car on March 25. Velasco from the vehicle stood by the side of the road, looking upset, while Nash fled the scene. The video was published two days after the 28th episode of the “Frenemies” podcast, titled “Responding To David Dobrik’s Apology,” was made available online.

Jason Nash's Girlfriend

Jason Nash

Podcast “Frenemies” is presented by Vlogger Ethan Klein as well as Trisha Paytas, Nash’s ex-girlfriend, who frequently uses her platform to criticize the Vlog Squad. Klein and Paytas had criticized the Vlog Squad in recent episodes and have covered several stories about alleged misconduct inside the group, along with the rape claim that was first published by Insider. Paytas revealed in the episode that both she and Nash still hadn’t conversed since she was disclosed to a psychiatric ward in May 2019. She also claimed that Nash had already sent her some text messages, which she claimed to have leaked.

Some viewers who had watched the podcast and the footage posted by The Hollywood Fix thought the text messages were one of the reasons behind the apparent disagreement between Nash and Velasco. Paytas published a picture of alleged messages on March 27 that she claimed were exchanged between Nash and a lady he was with at the time dating, which only served to complicate matters further.

Then, on March 30, Velasco uploaded a YouTube video to make things plain. She claimed that although they had become friends for a very long time, they frequently disagreed. She claimed they both made errors and had the opportunity to behave differently during their friendship. Additionally, she claimed to have provided Paytas with a screenshot of the purported text message exchange between herself and Nash. She claimed that she did this out of rage but “truly regrets” it now.

Velasco’s Illness

Regarding the paparazzi footage, she maintained that their relationship has remained that of friends. She said that the reason they were fighting was that she was angry with him for not contacting her after their time together. She added that she was going to pick up her dog from daycare when Nash left and that she frequently sobs on the curb “for no reason.” Velasco added that she suffers from an anxiety illness and that The Hollywood Fix video had made her the target of a barrage of online abuse. Many people have noticed that posts regarding “a high influence man” in his 40s have been posted on a Reddit profile that looks to belong to Velasco.


1. What is the net worth of Jason Nash?

Ans. $1 million

2. What is the age of Jason Nash?

Ans. 49 years

3. When is Jason Nash’s birthday?

Ans. 23 May 1973

4. What is the height of Jason Nash?

Ans. 1.8 m

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