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Who is Naomi Irion Missing? From a Walmart parking lot, an 18-year woman Naomi Irion, mission nearly 2 weeks ago.

Who is Naomi Irion Missing
Who is Naomi Irion Missing

Naomi Irion is missing from the parking lot of a Walmart in Fernley, where every morning, she rode a shuttle to her job at a Panasonic factory. A missing Nevada teen family told the police that she went out for a date the night before she disappeared, and she had been sexually harassed at her work, but the person was like a stranger who took her. 

On 12 March, while sitting in her parked car just before 5:30 a.m, her older brother, Casey Valley, told Insider on Thursday that they shaw in the surveillance footage they shaw a man wearing a gray hoodie walking up to the car and doing or saying something to make Naomi slide over to the passenger seat and let the man in the car.

What was there, according to a Facebook post:

On 15 March, according to a Facebook post from the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, the vehicle drove off in an unknown direction. Yet police have not released the video to the public that suspect confronting Naomi.

According to the post, after Two days, Naomi went missing, her car was found abandoned less than a mile from the Walmart parking lot. Police said evidence inside the car suggests “Naomi’s disappearance is criminal in nature,” 

What had answered by the public information officer on Friday The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office

A public information officer did not answer Insider’s call for comment told by Naomi’s brother to Insider about two noticeable incidents leading up to her missing that Naomi had been sexually harassed at her job and went on a date with a man the night before she is missing. The family doesn’t believe that either person is involved in Naomi’s missing. About the Little suspect, bit is known so far. As in the surveillance footage, he is covered full body head to toe, making it hard to distinguish his face. 

The details that only police have released about the suspect are that he was about 6 feet tall and is believed to have been driving a dark 2020 or newer Chevrolet, 2500, High Country four-door pickup truck. The family is holding for a hope that Naomi will be found as soon as possible, and they will be called up with any information to come forward.

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