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Who Is Petteri Orpo?- The Conservative Leader

Petteri Orpo
Source: Politico

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) of Finland’s youngest prime minister, Sanna Marin, narrowly lost an election on Sunday. A centre-right conservative party with an economic program defeated the party. Finnish Parliamentary elections were won by conservative firebrand Petteri Orpo’s National Coalition Party. The 53-year-old lawmaker blocked Marin from a second term and may become the Nordic country’s next prime minister.

Orpo’s journey to the Prime Minister’s office is still rocky. The Sunday elections yielded no majority in the 200-seat council, according to The New York Times. Riikka Purra’s right-wing Finns Party won 46 seats (20.0%) against the National Coalition Party’s 48 (20.8%). Marin, a Finnish “political superstar,” finished third with 43 seats for her party (19.9). Hence, Orpo must create a stable coalition to rule. As the leaders have realistic policies, Sunday’s voting showed Finns tilt conservatively. From rural southwest Finland to Helsinki’s financial policymaking, the conservative leader and great negotiator’s life is one for the history books.

Who is Petteri Orpo? Meet Mr. Dependable, Finland's election winner – POLITICO

Source: Politico

Petteri Orpo’s Life Sneak Peek

In 1969, Antti Petteri Orpo entered the world in a little town in southwestern Finland. Orpo had various parliamentary posts and rose to the top of Finnish politics. Political science graduate Orpo has been a Finnish parliamentarian since 2007. After challenging Alexander Stubb, he became the National Coalition Party leader in 2016.

 The Finnish minister held several political positions. 2014–15: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry; 2015–16: Ministry of the Interior; 2016–17: Ministry of the Treasury (2016 to 2019). Finland’s Deputy Prime Minister from 2017 till 2019, the conservative firebrand. The master negotiator worked well with the Finnish Ministry of the Interior during the migrant crisis in Europe. In 2015, migrants from Syria, Libya, and other parts of the Middle East invaded Europe. The influx of refugees into the Nordic countries tripled, resulting in a number of difficulties.

He is a Liberal fiscal conservative economist

Orpo conservatively sets Finnish economic policy. The 53-year-old wanted to decrease assistance and unemployment payments, according to the Independent. Orpo, a conservative economist, also advocated for tax reduction as the Finnish Prime Minister. The Finnish Minister has also promoted international investments to bolster local markets. Hence, although Marin’s economic policies were bad, Orpo’s were lauded nationwide.

Orpo is a liberal who has worked with Sanna Marin’s party and other left-wing groups. Orpo said he would work with left or right-wing parties before the election. Marin, however, has distanced herself from right-wing groups and called some of them “openly racist,” according to the Independent. Observing how Orpo forms a coalition to create a stable administration as Finland’s next prime minister would be fascinating.

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