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Who killed Nicole White? Where is Nicole White’s killer now?

Who killed Nicole White? Where is Nicole White’s killer now?
Who killed Nicole White? Where is Nicole White’s killer now?

Nicole White’s corpse was discovered shortly after she mysteriously disappeared during a meeting with Jonathan Harris, a guy she met on the internet. The authorities were able to locate in on Jonathan Harris following uncovering a slew of information that pointed them in his direction in this gruesome crime that shocked everyone. ‘Web of Lies: Hunting Ground,’ a documentary on Discovery Channel, delves into the incident and reveals the actual circumstances that lead to Nicole White’s eventual demise.

Who was Nicole White?

Nicole White, of Enumclaw, Washington, had been a single parent battling her ex-husband for her child’s custody. When she encountered Jonathan Harris digitally, she was hoping to better her mental health and well-being. The duo chose Jeepers Country Bar and Grill in Spanaway, Pierce County, for their date. Nicole fetched Jonathan up from his home and transported him to the pub on June 6, 2015. An eyewitness observed the pair leave the pub together in Nicole’s car many hours later. Nicole, however, did not return back to the house after that. The next morning, her relatives declared her missing. Two weeks later, the perplexing hunt for Nicole came to a close when her decaying corpse was uncovered draped in a green blanket at the bottom of a forested valley south of Lake Kapowsin by a police dog and a search and rescue team. Nicole’s corpse was found to have a cracked skull, eye socket, and sternum, as well as multiple cracked ribs, indicating that she had been assaulted severely, leading to her demise.

Investigators drew out a timeline of what happened on June 6. They suspected Nicole White and  Jonathan Harris went up to Harris’ residence after exiting the pub, whereupon Harris attacked her and murdered her before moving her into her own car. He immediately went to the forested region, where he dumped Nicole’s corpse in a ditch, and afterward staged a collision by driving her car off the road. Investigators were able to recover the sweater Harris was sporting on June 6 during such an inspection of his home. Nicole White’s DNA was found on the garment, which was coated in blood. The cops apprehended Jonathan Harris and accused him of Nicole White’s homicide after gathering considerable evidence.

Where is Jonathan Harris now?

Jonathan, who was indicted with the second-degree murder of Nicole White, stopped speaking to the investigators or Nicole’s parents after his imprisonment. Jonathan retracted his statement after forensic evidence indicated that he had severely battered Nicole to her demise, pleading guilty to second-degree murder and second and third-degree assault in Nicole’s passing. Jonathan Harris’ court hearing occurred in October 2016. Jonathan’s lawyer focused Jonathan’s case on the claim that Nicole was not brutally murdered and died quickly throughout his hearing. Nicole’s relatives were confronted by Jonathan, who apologised to them.  He was sentenced to 316 months in jail by a higher court judge. Presently, he is serving his punishment in Monroe Correctional Complex in Monroe, Washington.

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