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Will Boris Jhonson survive after so many scandals?

Will Boris Jhonson survive after so many scandals?

Boris Jhonson has seen so many controversies yet being in power shows there are no mature democracies in the world. Voters are gullible and can be used easily using emotions. A total of 12 ministers have resigned including two senior cabinet ministers. Although Boris is stubborn and not going to resign because at the end of the day if you can sway voters will divisive speeches why worry about accountability.a common trend in many democracies around the world. since the far right has taken over the world this is a common theme.

Boris Jhonson’s downfall.

Although it is not sensible to call it a downfall yet. he was accused of being a racist, bigot but he won a landslide victory in 2019. world’s morality is changing and people want to be their worst selves because they choose leaders who are not good humans. Boris and many like him are winning around the world.

He promised his voters to “get Brexit done”. the other party members supported him and Theressa May became history.

He even won some sympathy after he miraculously survived covid and his popularity remained optimistic.

he even won by-polls in the heart of the opposition labor party. his ideology and his speeches were winning people.

Things changed only a year later he lost Chesham and Amersham which were his own party’s forts.

He like other autocratic mindset leaders tried to change the law to save his ally. he was about to change a rule in parliament to save an ally. speaks so much about the idea of justice in mature democracies. many third-world countries are doing exactly the same thing but nobody notices because who cares.

Boris Jhonson broke the law while in office:

Boris threw lavish parties at his residence during pandemics putting people’s lives in danger. there have been many rallies organized by many world leaders during the pandemic which increased so many cases but who cares as long as the divine leader is making divisive speeches and destroying a certain section of society.

Will Boris Jhonson survive after so many scandals?

like many autocratic leaders, he spent lavishly on his personal residence and enjoyed public money paid for vacation to Caribbean island. this is a common pattern among new-age right-wing heroes. their”divine” leader can spend billions on his stupid plans and people can suffer for basic needs.

Although dozens of MPs have written letters and resigned I have a firm belief in the stupidity of people that he will win the popular votes again.

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