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Zobeyda Esquerra was allegedly shot and killed by a stalker

Zobeyda Esquerra

On Tuesday, a man who had previously been arrested for stalking a Livingston woman was shot and killed outside a Turlock auto parts store. Zobeyda Esquerra, 22, of Livingston, was identified as the victim. The shooting sparked a chase and search through Turlock neighborhoods, which ended when a citizen spotted the perpetrator and alerted authorities.

Zobeyda Esquerra’s Death and Obituary Are Investigated:

On Geer Road and Wayside Drive on Tuesday, Zobeyda Esquerra, a 22-year-old lady, was shot. She was taken to the nearest hospital and died due to her injuries. When passing officers heard gunshots, they tracked the perpetrator through the city. They pursued each other for two miles before the man crashed his automobile and escaped to safety, abandoning his vehicle. The neighborhood where the man’s car crashed was placed on a temporary lockdown when he began leaping fences. The hunt was called off after one of the residents saw him hiding in the bushes and alerted the authorities. 

“My sister was a strong, independent woman who enjoyed being around her nieces and nephews and wished to have a large family of her own someday,” Venegas told The Bee. “She was a noblewoman with a large heart who never intended to harm anyone.” Even though Esquerra had her issues, Venegas claimed she was constantly worried about her emotional and mental health. Venegas noted, “She never hesitated to be there for someone else.” “We are heartbroken by a big loss; she was robbed of a bright future.”

Zobedya Esquerra was on her way to pick up her lover when she was shot. As a result, we know she had a boyfriend, but we don’t know who he was. According to detectives, Tapia began photographing Esquerra and then shot her lover and another associate. Esguerra’s father and mother recognized Tapia as prior employees. Unfortunately, we have no idea who they are right now. However, we intend to update any outdated information as quickly as feasible.

Zobedyda Esquerra Murder Suspect:

The individual involved in the photographing of Zobeyda Esquerra has been identified as Juan Franciso Ibarra-Tapia. They had previously collaborated. Tapia, 22, had already been arrested for stalking Esquerra in 2021. He was, however, released on bond, and the charges against him remain currently unknown. Tapia was charged with one homicide, two counts of attempted homicide, two counts of firearm discharge in the conduct of a felony, and one case of evasion following the incident. He was taken into custody and sent to the Stanislaus County Jail, where he was held without bail.

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