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52-year-old South African-British artist, Mira Calix died

52-year-old South African-British artist, Mira Calix died
52-year-old South African-British artist, Mira Calix died

Mira Calix, the South African electronic and classical artist, has died at an age of 52. Her label, Warp Records, declared the news, and the cause of death was not given.

Who was Mira Calix? What was his cause of death?

Mira Calix was born in 1970 at Chantal Francesca Passamonte in South Africa. Later in 1991, she moved to London to pursue a career in music. Before releasing her music with the label, she first worked as a publicist for Warp alongside promoting club nights and DJing.

As with her labelmates, her work showcased the possibilities of electronic production as playful and adventurous music that are played in club culture but spanned a remarkably broad stylistic range, touching on neo-classical, noise, ambient, and more.

Mira’s music releases

Mira released her music in the traditional album format, beginning with One on One in 2000, and ended with the sample-heavy Absent Origin, released in 2021 and proved as one of her best works.

But she also made music for installations such as My Secret Heart, created for the Cultural Olympiad alongside the London 2012 Olympics, with Boris Johnson, the monolithic sound sculpture Nothing is Set in Stone and staged at London’s Royal Festival Hall in 2008, then London mayor, stating: “Mira Calix has managed to wrest not blood, but music from a stone, putting the music into rock and creating a new cultural attraction.” Other public artworks appeared everywhere from a public bus in Nanjing, China, to the Tower of London.

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