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A 12-year-old student was shot by her classmate, and he lost his life in Tanglewood middle school

A 12-year-old student was shot by her classmate, and he lost his life in Tanglewood middle school
A 12-year-old student was shot by her classmate, and he lost his life in Tanglewood middle school

On Thursday in Tanglewood Middle School, a minor is in custody after shooting another student, said the authorities. The student was of 12 years. The statement said by the Greenville Sheriff’s Office that the victim and shooter were both males and 12 years old. The student was taken into custody and shot at a nearby residence after running from the school.

On Thursday, Law enforcement came to the school at about 12:30 p.m. a school resource officer requested emergency backup after a student was shot, according to the sheriff’s office. The victim was shot only one time and transported to a local hospital, where the doctor declared them dead.

Sheriff Hobart said a statement-

Sheriff Hobart Lewis said, “My heart breaks for this young boy’s family, and my prayers are with them tonight,”. And I will be praying for the other young boy who pulled the trigger and his family. I can not fathom what would cause someone to do this to another human being, especially at a young age, but I know it’s a situation where we all need to turn to God.”

Know motive of shooting-

As the motive for the shooting and how the suspect was able to get possession of a firearm is still under investigation, we can say that the victim and suspect both were familiar with each other as classmates. They were, and we are confident the incident was isolated. No other students were injured in the whole incident.

A statement said by the victim’s family that Jamari Cortez Bonaparte Jackson was his name was released by a community activist group called Fighting Injustice Together. The family said, “We are all shocked by today’s incident. We love Jamari dearly”. 

A text from her daughter she got, an 8th-grade student at the school, around 12:30 p.m. told the student that there was a “code blue” incident, said Amanda Hall. When Hall called her daughter, she told Hall she heard a gunshot when she was changing classes. Teachers said to students to take shelter under the desks and speak quietly.

“In Greenville this type of stuff doesn’t happen, never has it happened in a school,” he said. “I went to this school, back in the time of 70s. We’re a close people.” According to its website, Middle School serves about 780 students in grades 6 through 8.

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