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American attorney Andrew Weissman and wife Debra Weissmann, family secrets out?

American attorney Andrew Weissman and wife Debra Weissmann

Andres is a famous man from New York City. he has been a barrister for a long time and he was given the responsibility of the head of justice’s fraud division of the US department.

He was a brilliant man who handled Mafia cases from 1991 to 2002 when he was an assistant US attorney. He has been a respectable and powerful man. He was given the task to lead the FBI’s Enron Task Force. He was handling beau’s deputy role before bush assigned him that task.

Weissmann was made leader of the special counsel team by Robert Mueller 5 years ago in 2017. He resigned from his justice department’s powerful job to shift to this department.

Who is Andrew Wiessmann’s wife Debra Weissmann?

Andre married Debra Weissmann a long time ago but he likes to keep his personal life away from the media. Debra’s profession is not really known to people. some reports claim she is supportive of her husband and she is a loving wife.

Andrew has been working consistently for over 3 decades. he is currently 64 years of age.

he has attained multiple degrees from top colleges. He pursued his bachelor’s degree from Princeton in 1980 and He also got a law degree in 1984 from Columbia law school on a Fullbright scholarship. 

American attorney Andrew Weissman

Debra is also in her 70s and she claims she is very happy with her married life in New York.She is close to her husband and they love each other a lot.

Family of Andre and Debra Wiessmann.

The power couple has a son, Ben. There is not much information about the public life of his family. 

He has worked on several high-profile cases including Genovese, Colombo, and Gambino crime families.

Bush trusted him a lot and was given the 3-year deputy director role at the FBI.

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