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Atlantic Terminal mall shooting today.

Atlantic Terminal mall shooting today.
Atlantic Terminal mall shooting today.

According to officials, a youngster was shot right outside Brooklyn’s busiest transportation hub during the Wednesday evening rush hour. According to police, the man was shot at 5:30 p.m. at Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues, near the Atlantic Terminal Mall. According to a local food cart operator, the gunshot occurred in front of Burlington and Stop & Shop. 

“I saw people fleeing really quickly,” claimed the merchant, Mohammed Alam. “I was terrified. It was terrifying.” Another witness, Jazz, claimed she had just left Target with her spouse and three children when they heard a big commotion among teenagers, followed by gunshots after they got into their car. “There was a lady between the kids screaming’stop it, stop it.'” ‘Stop it, it’s not worth it,’ she continued pleading. “We heard the pops shortly after,” the 29-year-old stated. 

Avoid Atlantic Terminal:

The victim was transported to New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital and is currently stable. He was shown in a video on the Citizens app sitting in a vehicle with medical bandages on his head and blood leaking through as cops encircled him. ‘I saw people fleeing very quickly,’ said food vendor Mohammed Alam to the New York Post. ‘I was terrified. It was terrifying.’ According to police, around 50 youngsters were standing outside the mall when the rounds were fired, and they dispersed. 

Initially, authorities advised passengers to avoid Atlantic Terminal, connecting nine subway lines and the Long Island Railroad. “This is a farce. This has to end. All of these kids—wherever these firearms are coming from—need to be stopped “Samantha Paige, a resident of Downtown Brooklyn, stated. “Yesterday in the subway, you know, now it’s all here in Brooklyn, and we’re working on the exterior. We’re terrified right now “Mohammed Alam, the merchant stated. Briggs is facing the most severe allegations of the three. He was charged with two charges of attempted murder, two counts of assault, two counts of criminal possession of a loaded firearm, two counts of unlawful use, and four counts of reckless endangerment. 

 Downtown Brooklyn transit hub:

The shooting’s circumstances remained unknown, and police advised New Yorkers to avoid the area around the Downtown Brooklyn transit hub, which connects to nine subway lines and the Long Island Rail Road. The incident occurred a day after a suspected terrorist opened fire during the morning rush hour at a Sunset Park subway station, roughly three miles distant. According to police, the incident occurred outside one of the main doors of Atlantic Terminal Mall, but the juvenile fled inside after the rounds were discharged.

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