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Aurel Birlan was jailed for life, accused of raping unconcious woman.

Aurel Birlan was jailed for life,

Rapist Aurel Birlan is sent to jail for life on charges of raping an unconscious woman several times for over an hour.

Aurel Birlan sexually assaulted the victim for almost two hours. He made her suffer while she had lost her senses. A visitor saw Aurel doing this heinous act and resisted. It was an act done early morning in December.

The hearing took place at Medstone crown court. The eyewitness stopped the rapist from further raping the unconscious woman in full public review, Rapist is from chatham.

the witness noticed the victim had lost her senses, couldn’t speak, and was not wearing any outfit. this made him doubtful.

He interrogated the middle-aged rapist and he made a call to the police. He waited until the police arrived. both victim and witness waited for the police to arrive.

Birlan was taken into custody and police officials started interrogating him.

Investigating officers later recovered surveillance footage and the victim was seen begging not to assault her. The rapist paid no heed to her request and she was unconscious for an hour during the crime.

During the court trial, Aurel pleaded guitly. Court gave him life imprisonment for this disgusting crime.

Birlan had a total of 5 counts of charges including rape and sexual assault. Judge allowed his parole only after 8 years,3 months of serving in prison.

Aurel Birlan was jailed for life, accused of raping unconcious woman.

“Today’s sentence will hopefully go some way to allowing the victim to live a normal life, knowing at least this dangerous man is now behind bars.” The investigating officer shared with the press. detective sergeant Kendal Moore further added.”Birlan subjected his victim to a prolonged and truly harrowing ordeal, only stopping when a passer-by bravely intervened.source: GB news

Birlan is also registered in $ex-offender’s list for life. ant attempt to contact the victim will be considered a crime. 

The woman couldn’t remember what happened that fateful moment. she was already sick with mild hypothermia when the attacker made the move. she could not breathe properly at the time.

Birlam however claimed it was consensual and the woman lost her senses during the act. Court did not pay attention to his claims and sent him to jail for 8 years and three months.

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