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Beloved televangelist Charles Stanley Passes Away at 90

Charles Stanley
Source: WYFF

The death of Dr. Charles Stanley was just announced. We regret to inform you that Charles Stanley, the well-known televangelist, has passed away. Charles Stanley reportedly passed away on April 18, 2023. When he passed away, how old was he? The teleevangelist who oversaw the Southern Baptist Convention has died at age 90. When and how did Charles Stanley pass away? There has been a lot of curiosity over his passing. Meanwhile, we’ve covered everything related to this headline in detail below. Questions regarding this news item’s title will be answered in full. Please read the next text and do not leave this page. Use your finger to scroll down the page.

Dr. Charles Stanley’s Death Cause

If Charles Stanley had died, who broke the news? The reports were corroborated by In Touch Ministries. Charles Stanley, the founder of at Touch Ministries, reportedly died on Tuesday at his Los Angeles home. Where did he go, though? The circumstances surrounding his passing were never disclosed. Charles Stanley’s death, however, appears to have been the result of natural causes. Due to his advanced age, his health had begun to fail. For further information, please scroll down the page.

A celebration of Charles Stanley’s lifelong dedication to the cause of Christ was just announced. First Baptist Atlanta will have a viewing for Dr. Charles Frazier Stanley on April 22, 2023, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Anyone who wishes to do so may come to offer their respects. Franklin Graham said, “Our prayers are with the family of Dr. Charles Stanley, who went home to Heaven today at the age of 90.” Stanley was a prominent Christian apologist and author. For almost fifty years, Dr. Stanley served as pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta.

Beloved televangelist Charles Stanley Passes Away at 90

Source: WYFF

Who is Charles Stanley?

Virginia’s Dry Fork is where Charles Stanley entered the world. For fifty years, he led First Baptist Church as its pastor. Since taking the helm in 1971, the church has flourished under his leadership, relocating from the heart of Atlanta to a more remote part of the city to better serve its expanding congregation. For his “enduring legacy of faithful leadership and spiritual guidance,” the church declared, “We are forever grateful.” Among educators, “In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley” will always be remembered as Stanley’s signature programme. Keep checking back here for further information and updates.

Career of Charles Stanley

In 1969, Stanley became an employee at Atlanta’s First Baptist Church, and by 1971, he was serving as the church’s senior pastor.

Stanley introduced his Christian television programme, The Chapel Hour, in 1972. Stanley established In Touch Ministries in 1977 to help Christians all across the world deepen their faith in Christ and serve their communities more effectively.In Touch has been shown on television by the Christian Broadcasting Network since 1978.Since then, 50 language versions of the show have been created.About 500 radio stations, 300 television stations, and many satellite networks, notably INSP and Trinity Broadcasting Network, carry In Touch programming in the United States. The In Touch website has audio and video content, including sermons preached by Stanley. In Touch magazine is another publication of the ministry. To spread the Gospel as rapidly as possible, In Touch use media such as radio, television, periodicals, and internet platforms. Stanley’s inspiration for the name of his ministry, In Touch, came from the Living Bible.

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