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Bianca Rudolph Death: The wife of the dentist does from a fatal gunshot.

Bianca Rudolph Death
Bianca Rudolph Death

The Pittsburgh dentist Lawrence Rudolph’s wife, Bianca Rudolph, dies of a fatal gunshot. She and her husband were on a safari vacation and were about to return to the United States when the incident happened.

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Lawrence Rudolph, also known as Larry, is a dentist in Pittsburgh. He and his wife Bianca Rudolph went on a safari for shooting. According to reports, both were trained shooters. However, when they were planning to return to the United States from Africa, Bianca was dead. 

According to Larry, he was in the toilet when he heard a gunshot. As soon as he came out, he saw his wife bleeding. He has claimed that it might be an accident as Bianca might have accidentally shot herself while packing the shotgun. This statement raised many questions as a trained shooter could barely face such an accident. 

Bianca Rudolph Obituary

Bianca Rudolph Obituary

Also, when Larry immediately buried Bianca in Zambia, this led one of her friends to question whether it was an accident or not. Their friend of Bianca contacted the FBI and claimed that Larry was having an affair. She also said that he was very hostile towards his wife, which led to an inquiry into the case. 

Afterward, Larry was arrested. He spent some time in custody until the cease of the inquiry proceedings. Finally, it was revealed that the couple had a clash over money and financial positions. Eventually, it was found that the death was an accident, and suspicions had arisen just because of the body being cremated as Bianca was a pure Catholic. 

But, some of the officials are still skeptical about the authenticity of the inquiry.

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